Help! Badly burned cast iron wok

samsara11, Sep 24, 9:33pm
I thought I had turned the element off but had turned on to full and then left the room.I came back to a smoke filled room and a badly burned cast iron wok and a charred dinner!Is my wok retrievable as the black 'crust' is very hard.Soaked it overnight but not much come off.

daisyhill, Sep 24, 9:40pm
Does your oven have a self-clean cycle! You could put the wok in there and the extreme heat will burn off the crud on the wok just as it burns it off from the oven. You will need to season it again afterwards, obviously.

samsara11, Sep 24, 9:43pm
Sadly no.I might try oven cleaner on it.It is one of the 'modern' ones with s/s handles and a pyrex lid - cost the earth but I also love it.

dolphinlu, Sep 24, 9:54pm
Use a baking soda paste leave it sitting on the wok overnight and then wash off.Or boil it with salt.

lavender32, Sep 24, 10:08pm
My grandmother use to bury burnt pots in the garden for a week lol.

samsara11, Sep 24, 10:24pm
thanks.I will try the salt then the oven cleaner and then the garden as I had heard that one.If the wok is stuffed then I have nothing to lose

kiwitrish, Sep 24, 10:33pm
I have heard of that method too.Suppose to work great.

lilyfield, Sep 24, 10:36pm
It does work.

bea2, Sep 25, 12:22am
Vinegar and baking soda thick and leave it a couple of days. minium water to cover.
Cleaned my cast iron pot, I know how you feel.
all the best

samsara11, Sep 25, 11:17pm
Yay!I got it off.Havent cooked with it yet but repeated spraying with oven cleaner so I didn't scratch it.

lavender32, Sep 25, 11:31pm
Briscoes have 60% off all cast iron ware at moment. I got a 30" pan retailing at 99.99 for 40.00, they had woks there as well. Might be an idea to buy a new one at those prices. Good luck