Advice please re vintage gem iron.

zodiacgal, Jan 26, 5:30am
I've been given a vintage cast gem iron and I'm rapt! But.its got quite a lot of rust on it.could anyone please advise how I can safely remove it all.thanks heaps in advance.

wheelz, Jan 26, 5:36am
To strip the piece right down, soak in a 50/50 water and vinegar solution for about 6 hours. Wash well in hot soapy water then season cookware. Also, another tip I’ve collected suggests soaking the piece in Coca-Cola to strip off the rust.
For especially caked on, rusted pieces: you may have to heat the cookware till it’s piping hot (fireplace, fire pit, oven), and then scrub while it’s hot. Be careful not to get burned, and be aware that heating it too fast or too hot may cause cracking. You can use shortening, grape seed oil, lard, bacon grease, cooking spray, to grease and season the cookware.
Cooking with acidic foods such as lemons, vinegar and wine can strip the seasoning. Watch and re-season if necessary.
Never wash cast iron in the dishwasher.
The more you use your cast iron cookware, the better it gets

lurtz, Jan 26, 5:59am
Soak in warm soapy water for a short time. Long soaking creates more rust. Then give the irons a really good scrub with a rigid plastic scourer to remove the rust. Dry the irons in in a warm oven. Then cool them. Witha soft cloth rub the irons well, all over, with oil. Wipe off any excess, but make sure that the entire surface of the irons are treated with the oil.I usegood cooking oil.Then once again drythe irons in a warm oven. I leave them for a few days after this,to season.I have done this with gem irons, griddles and cast iron cookware. All the best:-)

margyr, Jan 26, 7:38am
as well as above I also store my old patty tins etc in the hot water cupboard.

lurtz, Jan 26, 8:23am
I don't have a hot water cupboard. Lucky you:-) The cast irons gets stored in the side oven of my range. It's dry, and mostly warm,

beaker59, Jan 26, 9:22pm
If theres allot of rust and its cast iron then wire brush it.

punkinthefirst, Jan 26, 10:58pm
Take it to a spray painters or an engineering firm and have it sandblasted. Bring it home immediately, give it a good wash, then dry it in a medium oven right away. While it is warm, season it by brushing all over with oil and put it back in the oven for 15 - 20 minutes, after which, you can wipe it out and use it.
When making gems, always heat the iron well and grease it, before filling to about half full with your mix and baking.

whitehead., Jan 26, 11:06pm
ive always used butter as it burns into the cook wear and stops the rust . these are great to cook with just dont wash them too much or have a real good clean up and reoil

flower-child01, Jan 28, 8:44pm
This is easy. the instructions are here

zodiacgal, Jan 31, 1:06am
Thank you one and all.much appreciated.

bellaclare, Feb 15, 10:14am
fantastic . thanks

flower-child01, Jan 28, 8:44pm
This is easy. the instructions are here

bev00, Feb 14, 11:16am
great tips