Why use a shallow cast iron casserole?

daisyhill, Jan 2, 10:27am
I have several Le Creuset cast iron casserole pots and absolutely love them. I'd be happy to add to the herd, but don't know if the shallow pot would be of any benefit. When would a person choose a shallow casserole pot over a deep one! Other than paella I can't think of any reason but there probably are some.

This is the sort of shallow casserole pot I mean:

rainrain1, Jan 2, 6:53pm
Hard to tell how deep it is from pic, but minus the lid, you could make mac cheese, fish pie, type meals.Handy if cooking for two

daisyhill, Jan 2, 9:22pm
Mmm, true, but I can do those in a normal height casserole pot too. I want the shallow one because it looks so pretty but am not sure there would be much advantage! Maybe it is just a prettiness thing - no doubt a fish pie that only goes half-way up a pot doesn't look as pretty as one that comes right to the top.

rainrain1, Jan 2, 9:36pm
Better make up your mind before someone else snaps it up eh.

daisyhill, Jan 2, 9:41pm
Ha ha, don't worry there are plenty more where that came from I'm sure! I just treated myself to the 28cm (6.7 litre) casserole pot in December so can't do any more shopping just now; I'm just dreaming anyway. Even from Amazon those things are expensive!

davidt4, Jan 2, 9:55pm
That shape is useful for gratins, crumbles, anything that needs a large proportion of topping or browned top.It would be good for roasting chicken pieces on a bed of vegetables.I would also use it for a rice pudding because we like the caramel skin on the top.

mwood, Jan 2, 10:11pm
The shallow, wide base of this versatile pot allows maximum contact between the food and the heat. A paella, couscous or simple seafood linguine cooked and then served at the table in the Shallow Casserole looks simply stunning. The cast iron casserole is the essential kitchen classic from Le Creuset, suitable for all heat sources.

Fired at temperatures of 840 degrees Celsius, the smooth enamel finish of Le Creuset cast iron is durable and hygienic. This means that everything you stew, braise or simmer in a Le Creuset piece will taste just as good as you intended. It also means your dishes will keep looking good from the hob to the oven, from the oven to the table (and from the table to the dishwasher).

daisyhill, Jan 2, 11:13pm
Thanks davidt4, that does make sense as it would be harder to brown the top of something if it was in an equally wide but deeper pot. My pots definitely wouldn't fit under the grill to get a nice crispy cheese topping on whatever was inside.

mwood, did you just cut and paste that from Amazon! The text looks very familiar ;-)

mwood, Jan 3, 2:08am
Of course - would you like me to explain how to do this !