Seasoning your new cast iron camp oven

17007, Sep 12, 6:19am
We have a new camp oven - how do we season it and do we oil it or??? Your help appreciated.

cookessentials, Sep 12, 8:04am
What brand is it? if it is a "Lodge" it will be pre-seasoned. Let me know and I can give you instructions on how to do it if it is another make.

17007, Sep 13, 1:47am
Hi its agreat outdoors cast iron oven - also do I oil it when storing
Many thanks

indy95, Sep 13, 6:21am
17007, I cannot guarantee that this is the recognised method, but I read this in an " old style " American cookbook and it has always worked well for me.

Place the oven over a high heat for 4 or 5 mins or until you can't hold your hand just above the base of the pan. Take off the heat, pour in a little oil and wipe over the base very thoroughly with paper towels. Repeat this twice for a new oven. When it needs washingI just use one of those mesh cleaners designed for non-stick cookware. I don't know whether you are supposed to oil the pan every now or then but I do. Hope this is some help to you.

pickles7, Sep 13, 7:01am

anne1955, Sep 13, 7:23am
For me I just season cast and woks by putting in oil and heating I do this after doing a good wash to soapy water then a good cleaning pad a greeny rather than a stelo then heat oil in it..wash again and then wipe out after drying with a cloth or paper towel with oil any cooking oil fine...if by chance it rusts again..I re do it...normally I try not to let cast things dry to the stage they get rust but good heavy cast cleans up well again..just keep 'seasoinsed' with oil not to runny stage just wipe with more all after washing and part drying hope this helps..often I get some rust from time to time..I just wash and reoil they are really easy care...and I love all my cast things great for steaks and browning and for dry fryong herb or spices the best..hope this helps :)

cj707, Sep 13, 8:12am
What a mission.I did a fry pan once and I sure don't look forward to ever doing it again.

pickles7, Sep 13, 10:18am
I always use dripping to season fry pans. I found oil left a thin residue I didn't like. If you don't wash the fry pans , just wipe them out, they last a lot longer.

beaker59, Mar 16, 5:40pm
I think alot of people overdo it, all it needs really is to start using it and use it regularly and don't use cleaning products otherwise its just a first layer of oil being laid down when you condition.