Foods that are high in iron

mycd123, Feb 22, 7:23am
Doc has told me that am low in iron. wondering what types of foods are there with iron in them


lilyfield, Feb 22, 7:36am
red meat,broccoli spinachkidney beans

pickles7, Feb 22, 7:45am
Liver is good as well.

uli, Feb 22, 7:53am
There are two types of "iron" - one is the plant type which is not much good for you (you are not a plant) and the other is the "animal type"
which will work slightly better.

So meat, including liver is better than beans and broccoli in my understanding of the human body - however others here will tell you right the opposite.

The vegetarians on here will tell you that you will be fine with spinach and beans and broccoli and the meat eaters will tell you that you need to eat red meat and liver.

Google it and make up your own mind.

cookessentials, Feb 22, 7:55am

figjamto, Feb 22, 9:37am
I was very low in iron at one time, and had to have injections (the culprit was very heavy periods) my doctor at the time said that liver was the best thing.Not sure how true it is but I have been told that it is dangerous for a women to be low in iron, and for a man to have too much !

lythande1, Feb 22, 6:21pm
Silverbeet - Iron per 100g serving2.3mg

The iron from animal foods, known as heme iron, is absorbed easily by the body. The iron found in vegetable foods, known as non-heme iron, is less available to the body.


red2, Feb 22, 6:32pm

frances1266, Feb 22, 7:19pm
Meat eaters are more likely to be anaemic than vegetarians.Too much iron can be a bad thing also.

kay141, Feb 22, 8:00pm
Non-heme iron is more readily absorbed if Vit C is taken at the same time. A glass of orange juice with a meal is an easy way to do it,

griffo4, Feb 22, 8:21pm
l am low in iron and always have been, l don't seem to store it so l take a floradix tablet daily to keep it up and eat meat and vegies as well and it is just below the lowest line on the blood test so Dr's happy about that
l do know if l get lower and so up the tablets and eat liver as well

beaker59, Feb 23, 10:36am
This is also what I was lead to believe, I heard that tomatoes with your red meat double your absorbtion of the iron.

jennyfenny1, Feb 25, 3:01am
Also, avoid drinking tea or coffee with or close to meals with iron foods as the tannins inhibit iron absorption.

beaker59, Feb 25, 3:05am
There you go something I didn't know that sounds quite logical. Stored away for future use.

uli, Feb 25, 4:42am
Amen to that vegetarian world-view.

makespacenow, Feb 25, 4:51am
Apart from tea and coffee avoid milk, calcium supplement, wholegrain cereals as well - they are iron source but also contain some acid that prevents absorption.
As suggested above dark leafy Veg (make sure you have some vital c to aid absorption), beans, nuts, sardines (make sure you eat the tiny bones), red meat.
If improving diet does not help you will need supplements.

kay141, Feb 25, 4:52am
Haemochromatosis is a disease caused by excess iron in the body. The usual treatment is blood-letting. Up to 500ml withdrawn fortnightly is quite common.