cast iron fry pan care oil and bake?

cloffie, Mar 5, 5:31am
I have been given a cast iron frypan yeah! ! been going to get one for ages. . friend said to keep in good condition to oil and bake. she has swanned of to Aus to live and didnt elaborate ! can you clever chefs enlighten me please

beaker59, Mar 5, 6:04am
Is it a new one? if so then rub all over with cooking oil and bake or I just leave on the gas hob until smoking hot (may go black or at least brown) then just start using it, never wash with detergent or chemicals, just wash under warm or hot water and a scourer. After a few weeks it will be black all over and completely non stick. I love my two fry pans one large for general use and a smaller one for omelette's the perfect omlette pan :)

cloffie, Mar 5, 6:14am
beaker it is in such great condition that it still looks new except mrcloffie washed it in detergent[no ears! ] and its not looking as good as it was when she gave it to me!

cgvl, Mar 5, 6:19am
cloffie. I wash mine in hot soapy water then dry and put back onto the heat and lightly oil it after most uses. I don't always do it but that depends on what I have cooked in it.

I followed the instructions to the letter when I bought it but wish I hadn't baked it as such.
Just an oil after use keeps nice and shiny.

fisher, Mar 5, 6:31am
So funny, we went to the tip to drop some rubbish off and Kathy spied some cookware over in a pile... all showing rust, a large cast iron frypan and then a smaller one and then a pot with lid... easy cleanup and brilliant to cook with. . some people... . :}} all OOPOO Michael Lax design from Denmark...

iamkat, Mar 5, 9:02am
I LOVE my cast iron fry pan - Mr kat washes it in soapy water even though I have threatened him repeatly with a sharp cutty object - but I just re-oil it and put it back on the stove and heat til it smokes again.
It is the most non stick pan I have ever used!

cookessentials, Mar 5, 9:03am
You do not have to re-oil it each time you use it

cloffie, Mar 5, 12:42pm
oh thanks everyone

doggitt, Mar 5, 5:15pm
I still use the one my mother used to cook us food on :) I love it!

beaker59, Oct 3, 4:57pm
Lucky lucky lucky! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I should add that it pays not to use detergents soaps etc but if you do occasionally thats not fatal. Also the only downside to them is the heavier they are the better as a result my wife can't use my frypans because of her weak wrists so has a set of teflon coated things for the few times she cooks which is normally when I am away. I also have a cast iron wok now thats a handy thing.