24 cup standard size muffin pan

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lisa7, May 1, 3:45am
Where do I find one of these, or can anyone source one? ?
Thanks :o)

lulu239, May 1, 4:55am
Have a look at this. It is flexi but seems it may bea little more rigid. http://shopping.nzherald-
up-muffin-pan. aspx? prod=76766

home. essential had one on Trade Me but it didn't sell.

lisa7, May 1, 5:14am
Thanks lulu, I saw that site, but I think its a mini muffin pan, I'm not too sure? ? I have left a question yesterday on home. essentials listing, but no response. :o)

kimkat1, May 1, 7:52am
I thought you could only get a 12 muffin pan in the bigger size muffins, 24 ismini muffins isn't it, ... not sure

cookessentials, May 1, 7:58am
yes, 24 in the mini muffin and twelve in the standard muffin, however, i think in ordinary tin you can get a 24 hole one-dont think there is one available in non-stick.

lisa7, May 1, 8:17am
Ebay have some, but i would rather source one from NZ, or is this an impossible want? ? :o)

cookessentials, May 1, 8:20am
No, not impossible

cookessentials, May 1, 8:27am
Have checked my American catalogue and even their standard muffin pans come only as large as a 12 hole.

lisa7, May 1, 8:28am
Cheers cooks.

cookessentials, May 1, 9:12am
I will check my commercial catalogue on Monday

245sam, May 1, 9:29am
lisa7 and cookessentials/Pam - I'm sure I have seen 24-hole/cup standard-sized muffin pans and I'm wondering if it might have been at Moore Wilsons - we had a good look around the Wellington city shop around Christmas time and I think that's where it probably was. :-))

seabird3, May 1, 9:55am
Just use two 12 hole ones side-by-side in the oven. They will at least fit in the sink/dishwasher afterwards.

cookessentials, May 1, 9:58am
Possibly245sam, I am sure I have seen them in one of my catalogues, however, i dont think you will find them in a stock standard cookware store unless they deal with commercial suppliers. Shall check the catalogue when I go in to work on Monday

lisa7, May 3, 9:47pm
Any luck cooks? :o)

barloo, May 4, 1:24am
I too would like a 24 standard size muffin tin! !

having them only making 12 is a right pain! !

cookessentials, May 4, 2:02am
Are you ready for the shock?
Commercial distributor - aluminium 24 cup standard muffin pan with each cup being 7. 5cm diameter $81. 00

cookessentials, May 4, 2:06am
Just going to check on the Chicago metallic non sticks which according to my catalogue, come in a 24 cup. Will come back to you.

cookessentials, May 4, 2:10am
Scrub that. The Chicago Metallic is a mini muffin, not a standard. So at this stage I have only found the one as per above.

barloo, May 4, 2:51am
Faints dead away! !

cookessentials, May 4, 3:43am
Thought you might!

lisa7, May 4, 4:58am
omg! hey thanks anyway, much appreciated.

cookessentials, May 4, 7:31am
No problems lisa, may be best to buy two standard 12 cups.

katalin2, May 4, 10:44am
Lisa have you tried Southern Hospitality? They do catering sizes of everything and are very reasonably priced. They have a branch in Chch. They sell direct to the pubic as well.

abbey_magick, May 4, 11:26am

This is my lovely cake supplies lady. If its not on her webstie, she'll find it for you.

Big kudos to sandra

cookessentials, May 4, 7:11pm
Southern Hospitality buys from the same distributors that I do. You may get a mini, bit nota 24 standard.