Chef knife and pan: Your recommendations please

patsy3, Mar 6, 6:55am
Background: OK, i got some money as way of a prize, and I want to buy something. I have always wanted a decent chefs knife. OK I didn't win the lottery, and am only a normal kitchen user. But I am prepared to pay for a knife that will last me for what I need. Can you recommend one, and what is a reasonable price range?
Also, my sis has the Chefs tool box pan, which I have used, and I love the size (high sides) and non-stick. She has used it daily for about a year and still going stong. I thought a bit pricey at $280ish. Is there any similar alternatives?

solitairelisa, Mar 6, 8:50am
lookfor kitchen hardwhare , or southern hospitaly in chch or what ever city your closer to they have a range of knifes at nall prices.

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bananna15, Mar 6, 11:34am
i always recommend Circulon for fry pans as they are amazing! ! ill never use anything else. the non stick is great, they are dishwasher safe and can go in the oven.

As for knives its about how they feel. i love my Scanpan knives even though they are made in china. but ive never had any issues with mine. Arcos is a good middle of the range knife made in spain and Henckels is you high end knife made in germany

kirinesha, Mar 6, 8:16pm
We have Global knives and they are fabulous, just such great quality that they will last the rest of our lifes (until we win millions of dollars and get our own private chef with his own set of knives that is).

unicstudent, Oct 8, 1:03pm
Knives - Henckels knives have been recommended for a foodie course I am doing later this year. They are expenisive but my tutor has had hers for fifteen years and loves it, and it is still going strong. 20cm blade is a good size. They are used by professional chefs too! Make sure you get a good sharpening stone and steel as well to keep the edge and sharpness :)

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