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madj, Jun 13, 4:18am
After nearly 15 years of use, my tupperware can opener is finally starting to fail so in short time we are going to need a new. What brands can people recommend? Would like some ideas before I go out and buy a new one - cheap is good but I prefer quality and reasonable. Thanks for your input.

rainrain1, Jun 13, 5:34am

ruby19, Jun 13, 5:42am
Magican is a fav is our household.

snapperheadrkp, Jun 13, 5:45am
If you can pick up a Tupperware Can Opener on Trademe or in an Oppshop for under $20 - Buy it. Best can opener I have had in 50 years.
BUT at Tupperware price an absolute rip-off for an article made in China for a couple of dollars!
N.B my one was a replacement for a previous model that expired in a few months

hound31, Jun 13, 10:33am
I bit the bullet and bought a Brabantia, expensive for me, but I got soooo frustrated with cheaper ones. Still going strong five years later.

trouser, Jun 14, 5:05am
Oxo good grips.

thitryfiver, Jun 14, 10:48am
A sunbeam electric can opener is very good, don't know current price, but will last for many years, would not have any other .

mouse265, Jun 15, 10:40am
I have arthritis in my hands and have had a sumbeam for years theyare great

madj, Jun 15, 11:44am
Am out and about tomorrow will definitely be having a look at options around. I often scout second hand shops so I may get lucky! Thanks everyone for their input so far

morticia, Jun 15, 12:32pm
I bought a Brabantia in the Briscoes half price sale for Mother's Day. Love these, have never found them a disappointment.

sherrydog, Jun 16, 8:17am
Never put can openers in the dish washer. Was told that many years ago and my current one is used, rinsed and dried with a paper towel. Seems to have lasted forever but not sure what brand it is.

vomo2, Jun 16, 8:24am
Tupperware have a 100% replacement no matter what age it is. So get yourself a free one from them.

snapperheadrkp, Jun 16, 9:08pm
I approached a Tupperware Dealer (actually a type of supervisor who drove a vehicle emblazoned with Tupperware advertising)
She informed me that products like this (not plasticware) that they sell are only replaced if found to be faulty in the first 12 months.
The new price is $102 (YES) hence my post saying they are a RIP OFF.
The one I have would be a top seller at $20 but an absolute joke at $102.
Google if you need confirmation of 12 month warranty!

robman7, Jun 17, 12:11am
Brabantia still going strong after approximately 20yrs and I think they have a 5 yr warranty on their products.

wildflower, Jun 17, 3:26am
Our Brabantia is 15+ years old and good as new.

nickyd, Jun 18, 9:11am
Brabantia or Oxo Good grips here!

pamellie, Jun 18, 7:37pm
I recently bought one of these from Kmart, thought for $6 it was worth a try. All good so far. I like not having any sharp edges to deal with.

I had a Tupperware one years ago and was very disappointed that it only lasted a couple of years.

datoofairy, Jun 18, 7:43pm
I've had my Brabantia can opener for about 25 years and it shows no sign of crapping out any time soon.

calista, Jun 24, 7:32am
I have a brabantia I bought second hand years ago - works well,

galex, Jun 24, 11:49am
Yep I agree, after years of putting up with cheap rubbish I purchased an OXO opener, I've had it about 5 years now and shows no sign of failing.

cleggyboy, Jun 24, 8:07pm
I have a Zyliss lock-n-lift can opener which must be about 18 yrs old now, still going strong. I see they are still hovering around the $40 mark and that is what I paid all those years back.

phred123, Jun 27, 8:25am
so spent heaps of money on lots of can openers that didnt work from lots of providers. Not a fan of Warehouse but the $2 pink opener is the best thing i have invested in. The $30 one didnt even work. Would recommend.

deli5, Jul 5, 10:21am
Brabantia all the way

cosimo, Jul 6, 3:38am
Almost any electric can opener is light years ahead of the best manually operated one. Mine happens to be Sunbeam as well, and is of indeterminate but considerable age.

nauru, Jul 6, 6:12am
I have a Sunbeam one too, bought it years ago because of arthritic fingers. It has a knife sharpener which is a bonus.

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