Oven safe frying pan recommendations

catsmeat1, Jan 21, 2:23am
Hi, looking to update frypan. Mostly used for cooking steak. Would like a pan that we can use to sear then put in oven to finish off - grill and/or bake. Thinking maybe scanpan. Any other recommendations?

buzzy110, Jan 21, 2:33am
You can do that with any frying pan that has a metal handle. Don't buy one with a plastic or wooden handle for obvious reasons. But often the handles don't fully fit into ovens making it impossible to shut the door so you would have to either:

a. Make sure that the handle is quite short
b. Get a frying pan with a detachable handle

You might also want to consider whether the frying pan will require a lid when in the oven. In which case you will, once again need to ensure that the knobby thing on top is neither wood or made of material that will melt such as plastic.

lythande1, Jan 21, 2:56am
Then cast iron for sure. Only kind you should use.

catsmeat1, Jan 21, 3:25am
Hmm, interesting, had not thought about the size of handle - good point. We have an old cast iron now but wooden handle. The ones I see on TV shows look like tefal, but I don"t really like idea of putting those in oven.

petal1955, Jan 21, 3:42am
I the handle is plastic you can wrap it in tinfoil to place under grill or in the oven.have done this with success before

pamellie, Jan 23, 3:29am
Can you unscrew it? I had one with a wooden handle and I just took it off and use it without. You have to be mindful when picking it up that it will always be hot. I also have another one with a wooden handle and that would come off too.

harrislucinda, Jan 23, 5:31am
yes cast iron best ever

nzdoug, Jan 23, 6:54am

pauline999, Jan 25, 6:49am
Try the second hand shops or charity shops especially as they have better prices for the cast iron ones. I hand wash first and then season them .I don't usually need to wash them after that, just a good wipe with kitchen paper after using.

gpg58, Jan 25, 6:57am
I gave up using anything else, so as to get a consistent cooking everytime.
Medium rare for me, = Searing hot pan, 3 minutes first side, 2 minutes second, then rest on plate covered with foil, for at least same time as cooking(5- 7 minutes) Just finished a peppered rump steak a few minutes ago.

punkinthefirst, Jan 25, 11:23am
Another vote for cast iron. Briscoes has them in all shapes and sizes. I use a set of three regularly, that I bought from there about 15 years ago. The handle is cast with the pan. The smallest pan in the set holds one egg comfortably, the largest, 2-3 steaks. I think they cost me about $30.00

pamellie, Jan 25, 11:07pm
pauline999 wrote:
Try the second hand shops or charity shops especially as they have better prices for the cast iron ones. I hand wash first and then season them .I don't usually need to wash them after that, just a good wipe with kitchen paper after using.[/quote

Not always, it pays to know your prices as they can be expensive places to shop these days. I saw a square cast iron skillet in a charity shop for $25. Was exactly the same as mine that I paid $20 for in a briscoes sale.

smallwoods, Jan 26, 12:47am
If using the grill the door should be open anyway.
I have cast with both wooden and cast handles and safely put both in oven.
Prefer the wooden, as don't need a towel when removing it.
Also have a cast griddle pan with two small handles on the sides.
If searing on the elements, you should be using the baking part of the oven to finish at a lower heat, not the grill.

smallwoods, Jan 26, 12:48am
This, as don't need oven with the pan holding the heat.

catsmeat1, Jan 26, 8:13am
Hi all, just to let you know that we ended up buying a Simon Gault stainless steel frying pan. Our old cast iron pan we could not take off the wooden handle so would not be able to use it for some of the recipes I wanted to put in oven. Went to Briscoes and they only had one cast iron pan and it was so heavy I could hardly lift it empty, so gave that a miss. Very pleased with the stainless one so far. Have used it for sauteing vegies, frying fritters, and searing chicken and then put the chicken under the grill. Interesting about the new oven, the instructions say to keep the door closed using the grill. The pan is non-stick so long as I heat it before adding oil and I like the fact that if there are any scorch marks I can get into it with the pot scrubber (as opposed to the teflon finishes). So all good so far. Thanks for your input folks.

quiz3, Oct 31, 9:15pm
I wrap the handle on fry pan with a few layers of tinfoil, then you can put f p in the oven, shut the door and let it rip. When I want to brown the top of a fritatta it works well.