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vicsta5, Jul 31, 2:03am
I'm thinking of binning my old, useless cookware and investing in some good quality ones. Does anyone have opinions on what to get and where! Like for example - is stoneware any good!

antoniab, Jul 31, 3:40am
I like Jamie Olivers stuff - good heavy bases :)

mathewvb, Jul 31, 5:00am
i like my scanpan frying pan, nice and heavy. I will be getting more when I move into my own house. no way im letting the flatmates use it.

gerry64, Jul 31, 5:37am
Interesting to see my old thread revived - but I have now found my perfect range of pans - Pete Evans from MKR bacarrat range - the pans have wee dimples in the bottom of the pan and they cook perfectly - expensive but not as expensive as my scanpan one that went to the dump - even the suppliers agreed it was not great and that you needed to use baking paper in the bottom of it every time I used it -useless

vicsta5, Jul 31, 10:47pm
Where is MKR available from!

homebay, Jul 31, 10:54pm
Have tried many brands over the years but agree with you. Now we only use Jamie Oliver :)

VERY happy with them!

punkinthefirst, Aug 1, 10:15am
Heavy duty cast iron frying pans - cheap as chips (under $35 for 3 different sized pans) from Briscoes - are my pick. Make sure they are properly seasoned, and wipe them out, rather than wash them, if you can, and they will last, like mine, for over 40 years, and will also be non-stick.
My SS saucepans were bought from a shop that supplies professional kitchens, are over 20 years old and still going strong. They weren't cheap, but they were a good investment.

shop-a-holic, Aug 1, 10:45am
Heavy cast iron pans are a no-go for those who have ceramic/glass cooktops.

Aside: OMG.

shop-a-holic, Aug 1, 11:02am timed out.

Just read the thread provided above.

cookessentials, Aug 1, 7:07pm
Henckel, WMF, Infinite Circulon ( if you want hard anodised non stick) personally, I like Henckels cookware and knives. If I could get them in to the country, All-Clad would be my choice as used by the French culinary institute. The VERY best you can get is copper. St Clair Copper is New Zealand made.

dreamers, Aug 1, 8:52pm
I bought a smallCirculon frypanand hate itas the handleis top heavy and falls over till there is sufficient food in it .If I just want to cook an eggI have to hold the pan till its cooked.

twindizzy, Aug 1, 8:58pm
Have just purchased a Le Creuset pan and seems to be working very well. Very even cooking and easy to wipe clean. And you get a free workout taking it out of the cupboard to the stove and vice versa!

sossie1, Aug 1, 9:02pm
my best combo at the moment is a large flat bottomed non-stick wok, and a round cast iron.

Cast iron pans are great for combination cooking, you can move the pan straight into the oven, so good for small roasts as you can brown them first on the stove top. I also use mine to make pies and small pizza bases.

lizyb, Aug 1, 9:22pm
have just purchased a enamel cast iron casserole ( hampton & Mason) from briscoes that states on its use and care info, its safe on ceramic stove tops nd halogen etc! Is this correct !

cookessentials, Aug 2, 1:19am
never heard of that! Why don't you take it back! it may have a fault

cookessentials, Aug 2, 1:21am
Yep.I use my Le Crueset on my ceramic hob.just dont slide it around on there! Always heat gently and cook on low-medium. I use mine to brown the meat and shallots,pancetta etc when doing my beef Burguignon, then it goes in to the oven to cook.

dreamers, Aug 2, 2:38am
I actually bought 2 at the same time ( 1 for our holiday home ) and both do it.
So think it is the design of it.i have gas hobs so don't know what it would be like on ceramic.

punkinthefirst, Aug 2, 4:06am
OK - having never had a ceramic or glass cooktop, I didn't think of that.

cookessentials, Aug 2, 4:23am
If you have a gas hob, it sounds like the pan is too small for the size of the gas ring.

gerry64, Aug 2, 5:24am
Victa the MKR range is available over here in Oz - I also bought the grill and roast pan - the lid has an induction plate on its base - so you can use it on all cooktops for grilling - as does the actual oven dish - which saves browning meat vegies etc in another pan - it is great

tjman, Aug 2, 5:48am
I use only Circulon and have been very happy with them.Including cake pans etc

alegnak, Aug 2, 10:09am
I only use Circulon too. It's a very good weight and cleans easily.I probably use the dutch oven the most.Awesome for risotto and chilli con carne. I love the muffin tray too, and the large lidded pot, oh and the roasting rack makes beautiful roast veges.Big Circulon fan!

korbo, Aug 2, 10:51am
gerry64. have sent email. please check.

cardiffgirl, Aug 2, 10:53am
I have staub cookware. It's German and it's the best kit I've ever had.and I have them all.baccarat, le creuset, chausseur, Jamie Oliver tefal professional,Analon,circulon etc etc.staub is better

bill241, Aug 2, 12:35pm
Yeah, I use my cast iron pan on the ceramic cooktop, and I even move it around a bit too but that's because the cooktop is a bit shagged anyway.

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