Deep Frying Fish & Chips (using a deep fryer)

carter441, Dec 21, 4:34am
I have just bought a Deep Fryer.Does anyone know how long I should deep fry frozen battered hoki fillets please and at what temperature!Also, how long / temperature to deep fry frozen chips please!

carter441, Dec 21, 5:15am
Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

fifie, Dec 21, 5:49am
Double Cook, Best chips whether frozen or home madepre cook at 170c till just starting to colour but not cooked right through drain spread out on large tray so they are not touching, leave till cold dinner time fry at 190c till golden dosen't take long.
Fish fillets in batter, same fish first keep warm in oven, chips last.

carter441, Dec 21, 6:05am
Excellent!Thank you!

thewomble1, Dec 21, 6:13am
Bird's Eye crinkle cut chips.just heat oil to highest temp and cook chips to desired crispiness and colour. I use RICE BRAND oil.

carter441, Dec 21, 6:15am
Thanks for your response.Yes, I have bought the Rice Bran Oil as apparently it has a high smoke point.

thewomble1, Dec 21, 11:55am
I filter the oil through one of those coffee filters. Helps keep the oil
'fresher' by removing the little bits of food that drop to the bottom and burn very quickly.

robyn35, Dec 21, 11:24pm
chips will usually float when they are cooked, pre frozen fish into hot oil only takes a few minutes to cook through

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