Air Fryer tv advert

rainrain1, Jul 15, 10:51pm
Does anyone have one of these? Wondering if they are any good.

amasser, Jul 16, 1:52am
TV advertisements not known for objectivity.
What do you want to cook and do you have other appliances that could do the same?

samanya, Jul 16, 2:27am
Hi rainrain, I have a small cheap one, not the TV advertised one & I use it a lot.
Mine is not large enough for a family, well I don't think it is.
I like the way it cooks chicken, chips & anything that you'd usually fry (except for fritters).

harrislucinda, Jul 16, 2:45am
i have one but not from the tv those ones bake i did start up a tread about buying one $99 further down the line

vomo2, Jul 16, 4:21am
I bought a Maxkon air roaster online from $149. delivered to my door. 3 months later I still LOVE it! It rottiseres chickens, roasts, bbq's etc Last night we had pork spare ribs, took 12 minutes, no smoke in the kitchen. I do steak in it,again no smoke . Sausages, chops, hash browns, etc etc. The frozen chips turn over and over in a cage. No oil needed. Best appliance Ive ever owned.

rainrain1, Jul 16, 4:25am
I watched a you tube video re a fryer, and they had to keep fiddling with the food quite often to get it to cook evenly. unsure about one at the mo, might have to find a friend with one for a live demo. I'm afraid it might turn into a one week wonder.

rainrain1, Jul 16, 5:21am
This one sounds good. thanks for the replies everyone

fifie, Jul 16, 5:40am
Don’t know about the tv one, a friend has a delongi air roaster, one of the reasons they love it is because it turns the roasties over lol, and she says any meat is nice and moist inside.

samanya, Jul 16, 5:51am
I'd go for one like that, if I was cooking for a few.

thitryfiver, Jul 16, 11:39pm
Am interested in the Maxkon airfryer you have, what size is it, does it cook a whole chicken,
Have looked on Best Deals website they have 13L size reduced to $179 a 10 L is cheaper might be too small for 3 people ?

fizzy_kiwi, Jul 17, 12:20am
I swear that Maxkon is a rebrand of the Kogan - they look exactly the same, and come with all the same bits.

It comes with a rotisserie kit, so it'll do a whole chicken. Maybe not a huge one, but it mentions a 2kg chicken.

norse_westie, Jul 17, 2:44am
I have a Sunbeam Halo. It tilts so the food gets moved around and I don't have to do anything. OMG its the best small appliance I have ever bought. I cut small potatoes in half, toss in a teaspoon of coconut oil and some salt (or more recently sprinkle a bit of a Maggi herb potato mix on and cook for 35 minutes. The best crispy roast potatoes you have ever had in your life.

I found really quickly that a teaspoon of coconut oil imparts a nicer flavour to everything. There is not a single night I don't use my air fryer. The mediterranean veggies I do in it (1 tsp of roasted sesame oil and one teaspoon of honey plus some crushed garlic) is restaurant quality and all of my kids gobble it.

Size and quantity was an issue for me as I have 4 teens and myself but I find it is big enough to cook for us all with some left over.

crazynana, Jul 17, 9:28am
I read on here (I think) that a lady ordered the buy one get one free Air Fryer from that offer where you got two fryers and just paid the separate postage and she said that her credit card was charged $580 so she was trying to sell one for $250 to recoup some of the money. All those special tv only offers sound to good to be true. I did see a similar fryer at the Warehouse and it did say "as seen on tv" From memory it was $149

fizzy_kiwi, Jul 17, 11:40am
If it's the Taste the Difference one, they've done that a lot. The single price is around $400 but their two for the price of one "deal" is something like $600.

bailey25, Jul 17, 7:13pm
I walked into the As Seen on TV shop in Lynn Mall yesterday and asked about the air fryer - it was so so tiny - I was told it was $499 but she could do a deal for $399, i felt still too expensive so said no thanks, she walked away and said to her colleague, see we are just too expensive.

I think I might look at the Sunbeam Halo as norse_westie mentioned, I want one that can cook a decent amount.

eljayv, Jul 17, 9:04pm
I was told that the as seen on tv air fryer doesn’t allow fat to drip to a lower catcher so if you put meat or chook in it cooks in its own dripped fat.

jstyna, Jul 17, 9:39pm
i use mine all the time, the one off tv my mum brought one and get one free deal it doent cook in own fat it has a rack whole chicken done on a roeticharie and chips in a cage its great but then i didnt pay for mine lol

vomo2, Jul 18, 3:45am
Actually they are a good firm to deal with so email them and ask for best price. Mine is a 10litre cooks a big chicken no problem.

fizzy_kiwi, Jul 18, 3:59am
I was trying to order it last night. Online payments wouldn't work as the input areas weren't working properly. Got a call from them this morning asking why I hadn't paid (when I did a support ticket last night!) and they just kept telling me to pay via a different method. Suffice to say, I am no longer buying the air fryer from them!

thitryfiver, Jul 19, 10:45am
Thanks vomo2 & to everyone for their input.
Think I will buy the 10 L size from Best Deals.

smallwoods, Jul 20, 9:00am
We have a Fryair.
Got it from the Home Show.
Big enough for a whole chook.
Has a rotisserie as well.
Had it for about 3 years now.

barbiegirls, Jul 20, 11:22pm
I have a Phillips one. The best investment I have ever made

540trickzter, Jul 21, 4:38am
Has anyone got the Delonghi Multifry? I've been considering that one for a we while, but haven't pulled the trigger on it yet.

buzzy110, Jul 24, 11:00am
Are the multipfryers you all have covered with teflon? I got one given me but the stench from the teflon makes me want to puke every time I open it up, so I don't - use it that is.

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