Kogan Air Fryer?

fizzy_kiwi, Mar 26, 6:06am
Anyone have this air fryer?

Been looking for one big enough to put small roasts in with a skewer/basket kit and the others are all twice the price from TV. Just wondering if any of them are worth it or I should just stick to a small one.

crazynana, Mar 26, 8:06am
That is odd. I thought Dick Smith went out of business owing staff and suppliers loads of money.

fizzy_kiwi, Mar 27, 1:38am
Kogan bought DSE years ago.

harrislucinda, Mar 27, 9:19am
i brought one of these $99 love it also brought a glass kettle
oh mine was black

fizzy_kiwi, Mar 28, 4:13am
The black Kogan is the one with a 4L tray like the other big brand ones. This is the 12L.

lyndunc, Mar 28, 5:17am
No advice, but just looked at it and I am tempted! Mr L does the cooking and uses a bit more oil than I would like, so this might be an option - just need to find somewhere in the kitchen to put it!

fizzy_kiwi, Oct 9, 11:10pm
I'm tempted too but I've seen a few reviews that mentioned rust and surface flaking which is why I was hoping someone here would have one that's been put through its paces.

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