Recommendations about bread makers?

jphs, Mar 26, 11:23pm
I have asked this in General but thought here would be a good place as well. I am looking at getting my toast loving partner a breadmaker but have no idea of what to get. Can anyone give a recommendation? I want to get one that is an appliance rather than a gimmick so would buy on performance rather than price.

victrieve, Mar 26, 11:53pm
Last winter we bought a Sunbeam and love it. You are right, buy a good well-known brand and you won't regret it. I also got loads of lovely recipes from Message Board which are lovely tasting and fun to make.
Good luck!

kiwitrish, Mar 27, 12:39am
I love our Sanyo Bread Factory Plus. It makes the big loaves.

novices, Mar 27, 1:50am
Top of the range Tefal. Excellent results, also recommended by Consumer

ruckass1, Mar 27, 1:53am
I agree I have had my Sanyo Bread Factory Plus for over 5 years now never had any trouble with it.

gildon, Mar 27, 3:48am
Purchased a Breville about 6 months ago - just love it. We haven't bought bread since. Have just tried their recipe for hot cross buns - general verdict: better than the bought ones. I don't think you can go wrong with buying a reputable make, they are probably all pretty good - don't buy on price

caro25, Mar 27, 7:10am
george formanhere took a bit of playing with quanties but now wouldnt give it up

korbo, Mar 27, 10:08am
breville, sanyo, black/decker are the 3 i have. perfect loaves all the time.

marlin9, Mar 28, 6:14am
Have had a Cascade (from Warehouse) for more years than I can think about. Also go and get the books Dayly Bread series (author/recipe writer is in Wellington)

tapuwer, Dec 12, 3:40pm
I have had mine since 1998 and it's still going. Best thing I ever brought.