Oven recommendations

gemini007, Jul 23, 8:10pm
Hi guys, my oven blew up the other day (not due to my cooking! LOL) So please give me the brands you recommend or the ones I should avoid likethe plague. We are limited by space as I can't afford any renovations on the kitchen - justs a new oven - its a wall oven 600 x 600. If anyone knows what Consumer recommends I would love to know. Thank you.

katalin2, Jul 23, 9:03pm
Consumer did a test of wall ovens late 2009. They recommended Simpson, Westinghouse and Bosch. They also tested one and half wall ovens a few months later- on the basis of their test results and cost, we are putting a Westinghouse one and a half into our new kitchen as friends who put one in last year are really happy with it. The other thing we discovered going around stores is that Westinghouse, Electrolux and Simpson are all made by the same factory.

gemini007, Jul 23, 10:43pm
Thanks for that katalin - anyone else? ? A few people have recommended parmco - anyone know anything about this brand? or have any opinions?

luckyduck, Jul 23, 11:23pm
I have a westinghouse wall oven and a half and I love it. My mother has a free standing westinghouse and she does not like hers as she states the white enamel surface on her range gets so hot she could cook an egg on it. She has had it looked at and was told that this is normal.

gemini007, Jul 24, 4:20am
bumping for the evening crew... .

susan21, Nov 24, 12:50am
I have a Westinghouse double oven. Absolutely fantastic! !