Kenwood chef A701 question

nauru, Jan 17, 7:42am
I do the same and mine is an A701 model

popped_out, Jan 17, 10:45am
Is it meant to lock up so its easy to twist off? Just cant get it off lol.

moparpete, Jan 18, 2:04am
Mine is a A700 and same , just what the others had said, push the beater upwards and twist.

nauru, Jan 18, 7:45am
Yes, just push it up and twist

jia5, Jan 19, 3:50am
If I remember rightly the mid to late 50s one of my Mother's had a knob or button that released the beater. I should know as I inherited that kenwood when she bought a new one. Talk about a nana brain, lol.
Edited to say the end of the shank on the k beater looked way different than the 1970's model Mum bought.

popped_out, Jan 19, 6:55am
got it off but it was a mission! and awkward. I dont think it had been off in a while LOL Had to download the user manual.

popped_out, Jan 16, 10:10am
I have aquired on of these, with no instructions, I feel like a dummy asking but its not obvious how do I take the K beater off if I want to use whisk? Ive tried everything!

addington261, Jan 16, 10:27am
With mine I push the beater upwards and twist. hope that helps.

popped_out, Jan 16, 10:41am
it looks like its meant to unscrew but I just cant unscrew it. Is yours the same model number exactly? this is an old one 1960 or so. A701.

245sam, Jan 16, 11:37am
popped_out, over the years (since the mid 70's) I have used 3 Kenwood Chefs of various vintages and the process for removing the K Beater (and the whisk or dough hook) has been the same for all of them. Just as addington261 advised, try pushing the K Beater upwards then twist it and it should fall out. :-))

popped_out, May 6, 2:10am
When I push it up and twist it, is the orbital mixer bit meant to lock? It just turns around and the beater doesnt fall out or even move, cant push it up it doesnt move. Something must be broken maybe? I think Ill get mg son to take it apart and have a look. It does have a problem where it wont spin under any load, I thought it was the pinion gear, if it was would that cause the locking in of beater? Cheers.

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