Mixer question - Kenwood Chef. Would you

4pc, Nov 17, 6:51am
Recommend one and why?

samanya, Nov 17, 7:30am
I have a 50yr old Kenwood Chef, inherited from my mother & it's never missed a beat (no pun intended) . whether they make them as good now, I don't know.

nauru, Nov 17, 7:42am
Like samanya, I too have a 50 year old Kenwood Chef which was my MIL's, it's still works as well as the day she bought it. Like her, I have never had any problems with it apart from having to replace the original Kenlyte bowl which I broke. Those older reliable models are often listed on TM. I have heard others say that the newer models available these days are not as reliable as the older ones.

samanya, Nov 17, 8:03am
My bowl is/was cracked when I got it, but still useable after a repair with araldite (I think). Goes in the diswasher and all.

camper18, Nov 18, 12:54am
And still using my 53yr old Kenwood without any problems apart from having a new stainless steel bowl, having dropped the glass one years ago.

greerg, Nov 18, 7:46am
My 45 year old Kenwood had a meltdown and fixing it was going to cost an astronomical amount. I now have a Kitchenaid and much as I loved my Kenwood, I have to admit that it does a better job of creaming butter and sugar than the Kenwood ever did. Reviews suggest that the new Kenwoods are not as good as the older ones.

whitehead., Nov 19, 3:53am
get one that wipes the bowl my daughter has one and you just toss every thing in and forget it no more stopping every five minutes to wipe the bowl down

gayle6, Nov 19, 7:38pm
I sold my 30 year old Kenwood when we moved because I was short of storage space and thought I could make do with my hand held electric. After 3 years I have brought another like the one I sold off Trade Me and no problem with finding it a home this time. It is excellent albeit a bit heavy.

lissie, May 30, 5:48pm
My mother's died about 10 years ago and I replaced it. The new is OK (it's not been used that much as it was in storage for 3 years and for the last year I've not used it as I had the kitchen from hell). It's not as good as the old ones - basically it does a lot better if you don't use the butter straight from the fridge. It's the only model I've ever baked with though - so hard to compare

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