Knife Sharpener

glynsmum, Jul 17, 11:22pm
Can any one recommend one for me,that really does the job and also lasts past6 months please

mouse265, Jul 17, 11:25pm
If there is a butcher nearby have a chat with them as they should know how to do it properly

pericles, Jul 17, 11:27pm
I have a really good one . my son, he was a butcher. sorry!

twelve12, Jul 17, 11:32pm

So awesome!

You can get "proper" knife sharpening systems from hunting places. you don't just run the knife through a little grove, but use a set up of rods. They apparently work quite well. but for the price and the effort, I'd just get a really good bench stone and learn how to sharpen by hand. I find it so relaxing :)

glynsmum, Jul 17, 11:43pm
Thanks twelve but I'm too old a female to cope with benchstone,so hoped there was something out there perhaps electrical?

lythande1, Jul 17, 11:49pm
A proper knife stone. Learn how to sharpen. In between that you can use a steel to maintain the edge.
Don't put them in the drawer where they get banged around etc, don't cut on hard surfaces, use a chopping board.

Those gadgets you see on TV - they don't work.

twelve12, Jul 18, 12:05am

cgvl, Jul 18, 12:48am
You need to sharpen knives regularly. I don't find even my good ones last 6 months sharp and I look after them. I think I get them sharpened anything from monthly to 3 monthly depending on how often I use them. My cooks knife (used everyday) needs a touch up at least monthly, the carving knife less often ie 3-6months depending on usage.
DH knife sharpener (professional) says it also depends on what you cut on, ie glass, wood etc.

buzzy110, Jul 18, 1:06am
I sharpen mine every week using a whetstone (Japanese, high carbon steel knife) and an oil stone for all the rest. Like twelve I find the process relaxing and it is not hard to learn at all. A quick tutorial from my SIL who makes swords and another from u-tube to learn how to use the whetstone and I was off, never to have a blunt knife ever again. I'm better at sharpening knives than my SIL now. Well not really but I like to think I am.

glynsmum, Jul 18, 1:20am
Thankyou everyone appreciate your time I'll have a look at you tube re:the whetstone thanks again

nauru, Jul 18, 3:13am
Maybe not for everyone but I have a knife sharpener on my electric Sunbeam can opener and love it. Bought the can opener when arthritic fingers found it difficult using the normal type can opener so the sharpener was an added bonus. I've had it for a few years and it does both jobs well. The knife sharpener has certainly outlived anything else on the market that I've tried over the years. It's so easy and I sharpen my knives regularly.

glynsmum, Jul 18, 3:20am
Thankyou nauru,arthritis in my fingers also so will have alook at the sunbeam.

dibble35, Jul 18, 8:37am
My nephews bought me a fish filleting knife set for xmas - brand is Tidal. In it is one of those knife sharpeners that you just run the knife thru, has 2 sharpening stones in it at an angle. I was truly impressed when I first used it on my kitchen knives. I've tried in the past using other products but this is the best and easiest I have used. Sharpens them quickly and seems to do a good job.

lovelurking, Jul 18, 10:31am
Never thought I would ever recommend an "as seen on TV " product but I love my Kleva sharpener. A chef wouldn't use it on his expensive knives but it works a treat on my cheap Briscoes ones.
It suctions onto a bench or wall and you just pull the knife through it a couple of times.

rai5, Feb 22, 4:01pm
We brought a Kleva sharpener last time we were in Auckland as the sharpener I used didn't really get knives sharp enough. Wow what a difference. I have finally found one that actually does what it says. I am over the moon and now have a carving knife that carves the meat. Can't speak highly enough of it and it's so easy.

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