Cast iron pan for eggs and salmon, HOW?!

vicvic, Sep 1, 6:26am
I just bought an enamel cast iron and normal cast iron pan. I've only tried cooking salmon and eggs in the enamel but they both stick like crazy. I use a fair bit of coconut oil, and lowering the temperature right down seems to help, but it still sticks significantly. If I'm having this much trouble with the enamel I don't know if I should even try the normal cast iron pan.

What's the secret! do I just need heaps of oil or butter! There's no need to season enamel cast iron, so what do I do!
I've seen a few videos on youtube of eggs sliding around on cast iron, it's witchcraft in the kitchen!!v=K3hGxEpuY2U

lastly, what does normal cast iron have over enamel cast iron!

gardie, Sep 1, 6:47am
Cast Iron cookware does stick - all mine does, anyway.I've an expensive one and a cheap one - both enamelled.About 3 months ago I went to a cookware party and brought a 'Chef's Toolbox" frypan.Nothing sticks, and I mean nothing.Everything just slides off.I am careful to only use silicon spoons etc - no metal or plastic.I've brought all sorts in the past including a scanpan but that too had things sticking.Here's hoping the Chef's Toolbox one lasts.Pleased so far.Sorry- doesn't really answer your question but could be one option for you.

vicvic, Sep 1, 6:57am
what is a cookware party! is Chef's Toolbox the name of the pan! what's it made of exactly and why doesn't it stick! sounds a little bit dodgy, could it just be teflon!

rainrain1, Sep 1, 8:30am
I gave mine away as I couldn't stand it.but try lining the pan with baking paper and see if that works

shyly, Sep 1, 9:29am
Not sure about enamel but my cast iron skillets only stick when someone uses dishwashing liquid Or worse (Jiff and a scourer pad) and then i have to season it again. All i need for my skillets is hot water and my plastic scrubbing brush because any remaining food in the pan just washes off. I always spray the pans with rice bran oil if they look abit "dry" after they have been washed but again thats only if they have been abused by one of the family.

kuaka, Sep 1, 10:05am
I've got two heavy cast iron frying pans and (fingers crossed) nothing sticks to them, and like shyly I don't scrub or scrape at them, and always use a little rice bran oil in them, (or butter if I'm doing French toast or something that needs butter) but the secret is once they are "seasoned" then don't use anything harsh on them.If they do start sticking, then season them again.

kinna54, Sep 1, 10:20am
I have had my cast iron pan for years: wouldn't cook steak in anything else. As Kuaka says, it needs to be seasoned.
After use I wash the pan, I put it in the oven for a few mins (till uncomfortably hot) then while hot rub in a couple of drops of cooking oilwith a paper towel, then rub dry with another piece of paper towel. This will render the pan perfect for the next use, without having to rewash or anything.

vicvic, Sep 8, 6:17am
Just to update, I followed this guy's advice on youtube:!NR=1&v=U0hNrVQf5bY

I tried this seasoning technique on 2 brand new cast iron pans and so far it's been pretty good. I've only cooked eggs, salmon and a steak on them so far and the eggs seemed to be the least non-stick. Food still sticks a bit but it's easy to scrape off. I'm using a mix of coconut oil, olive oil and butter. Check the video out above. I'm still trying to get it right, but it's mostly pretty good so far.

vicvic, Sep 8, 6:17am
this is also a good read: Creating a Healthy Kitchen: Guide to Natural Cookware

buzzy110, Sep 8, 7:07am
I know this might not be what anyone wants to hear but to be realistic, most frying pans stick. I've used s/s with copper bottoms, cast iron, high quality surgical stainless steel, various types with various bottoms to conduct heat, spun steel and woks. Each one has variable sticking but with careful cooking and seasoning of the pans the sticking can be severely retarded. I can use each one of my pans without too much, or even no sticking. It just takes experience and care.

vicvic, Sep 9, 1:02am
Do you have any tips on careful cooking! do you use low heat for cast iron! have you tried cooking with ceramic!

I just asked my dad about it who was an executive chef for years. He says to season cast iron all they ever did was heat it up on the stove for 30 mins and add oil then wipe it. Since cast iron distributes heats evenly there's no need to put it in the oven.

kuaka, Sep 9, 11:24am
I don't heat mine for 30 mins, just a few minutes is enough I've found (after all, once it's hot, it's hot and keeping it hot for 30 minutes doesn't actually make it any hotter - well that's my theory anyway) just get it hot, pour some oil in and wipe it round with a piece of kitchen paper towel.