Never used coconut cream whats it used for? Page 1 / 2

hyborn, Nov 3, 4:03am
Do you just use it in place of cream?
thanks guys

darlingmole, Nov 3, 4:11am
I use it when I've finished making "raw fish" and also sling it in curries and dahl, sometimes in desserts

mallee, Nov 3, 4:15am
Never used CCC, you don't know what youv'e missed hyborn. It's fantastic.

hyborn, Nov 3, 4:17am
ok Mallee what do YOU use it for, Ive always been a very basic cook but starting to try new things so.... thought about coconut cream

noonesgirl, Nov 3, 5:04am
Thai meals. Check out the l/h messageboard. Key in Thai food & where it says date posted put anytime. Enjoy ifyou like Thai.

happygabi, Nov 3, 5:13am
kantong sachet thai green curry mixed with ccnc is awesomeeee

beaker59, Nov 3, 5:18am
Using it tonight to mix into steamed silverbeet mmmmmmmm yummy rich and very good for your health.

245sam, Nov 3, 5:58am
hyborn, coconut cream has many uses, both sweet and savoury - try doing a search here on this Trademe MB using coconut cream as the 'Keyword' and Anytime as the 'Date posted' option - you'll find a number of threads with both ideas and recipes for using coconut cream.:-))

wahinetoa62, Nov 3, 6:09am
i use it as a substitute for cream in some savoury and sweet dishes...such as making fritters especially seafood ones, i use it in rice or sago for a hint of coconut...yummy

marree, Nov 3, 6:16am
Nice wth chicken / lamb and rice dishes.Gives it more taste & goes further.

motorbo, Nov 3, 6:23am
ive made stove top rice pudding in winter with it, very yum

crystalmoon, Nov 3, 6:28am
Mmmmmm where to start,I love using with island food,palu sami(sp)which is taro leave's,onion and cornbeef with lots of CC.also sticky coconut buns,cornbeef and tomato salad,curries,love it with silverbeet and saute onions.very yummy added to water to cook rice.also lovely in baking.mmmmm feel like some sago and CC now,goes to search pantry......have fun and good for you to want to try new things,you've certainly come to the right place.Enjoy :)

dbab, Nov 3, 7:40am
Makes an awesome fish pie.

hyborn, Nov 3, 7:51am
You guys make it sound so easy I guess I just add it and see ...

ribzuba, Nov 3, 10:09am
thai pumpkin soup!

wayne472, Nov 3, 8:16pm
It hasVERY high cholesterol

uli, Nov 3, 10:00pm
Great isn't it? Cholesterol is the precursor to a hormone called pregnenolone, which has important functions itself, but is also the precursor to all other steroid hormones. Pregnenolone is converted to progesterone, a sex hormone, which in turn is converted into cortisol, which regulates inflammation and blood sugar, aldosterone, which regulates mineral balance and blood pressure, or testosterone, a type of sex hormone referred to as an androgen, which regulates libido, muscle mass, and plays other roles. In females, and to a lesser degree in males, testosterone is further modified, undergoing conversion to estradiol, a different type of sex hormone called an estrogen....

horizons_, Nov 3, 10:07pm
Pikelets, scones, cakes, muffins and bread too.

darlingmole, Nov 3, 10:29pm
as ever uli you are a veritable fountain of information!

uli, Nov 4, 12:00am
I am glad you confirm that darling - mole ...

janny3, Jun 2, 1:16pm
Lovely in Pacific Island cooking too.Mussels done in coconut cream, onions and Watties Tomato Sauce.Chicken & vegetable stew cooking in CC.Canned corned beef, vegetables, silverbeet, onions cooked into a delicious stew.Samoan coconut buns. Chicken & coconut soup bread.

sarahb5, Jun 5, 4:04am
I always use half water, half coconut milk if I am cooking rice for Thai recipes

nunesy, Jun 5, 6:56am
An easy way to freeze it is to put it in icecube trays - then if you only need a bit, you can just pop out a couple of cubes and add to your dish.Really handy!I do this with leftover tomato puree/paste too, as I only cook for one and rarely use a whole can.

scribbler111, Jun 5, 8:34am
you bathe in it

hyborn, Nov 3, 4:03am
Do you just use it in place of cream!
thanks guys

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