3/4 of a tin of coconut cream

margyr, Apr 3, 3:01am
any dessert recipes? was thinking rice pudding, does it bake the same as ordinary milk?

donnabeth, Apr 3, 3:13am
I mix it with ordinary milk to bake a rice pudding. It's delicious.

margyr, Apr 3, 3:15am
thanks, yeah i will just give it a go, pretty slow in here for answers and have people coming for tea at 6, so better get me backside off here and start creating.

uli, Apr 3, 4:14am
You can use it in any dessert recipe instead of milk or cream - depending on what is left in your tin - just the water or still some white cream with it... .

margyr, Apr 3, 4:17am
thanks uli, i have it baking in a low oven now, smells delicious, i did add milk and water to it, the water mainly because i did not have enough milk, but have put a couple of eggs in so should be ok.

jag5, Dec 28, 10:11am
You can also freeze it, if you don't want to use it.