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uli, Jul 21, 8:49pm
Of course they are - if there is a glut at auction then growers get nothing for their stuff. I remember when some people started selling their tomatoes very cheaply at the Growers Market here (was some years ago) - they were new stallholders never saw them before.

So I asked where they sold before as it was obvious they were commercial and not beginners. They told me that currently they get 1 dollar for a crate of 7kg at auction. The carton was costing them more than a dollar already - and it was a matter of either stopping to harvest or finding somewhere else to sell where they get at least the staff costs and other overheads back - which was our good market.

socram, Jul 21, 9:31pm
Maybe we need to take food parcels down to New Plymouth?

uli, Jul 21, 11:19pm
Looks like it :)

buzzy110, Jul 22, 9:52pm
Couldn't have put it better myself socram.

And I agree with posters who have pointed out how unfair it is that our taxes (rates) are taxed. And putting GST on vital cancer meds is just immoral. Perhaps the Maori Party could stop thinking about themselves and their desire to stuff themselves with even MORE bread and 2 minute noodles and look at unfair GST charges for everyone.

twiggyalien, Jul 22, 11:00pm
@Buzzy, about the grains thing you have to remember the sorts of people who will benefit the most from a bill like this are parents on low/middle incomes with growing families. Bread and pasta are a cheap way to fill the kids up and there's nothing wrong with that. I'd find it very hard to imagine a kid getting diabetes just by eating grains regularly. It's when it's combined with too much juice, soft drinks, candy, cookies etc that the carbs and sugar start to pile up!

I can't see why you're complaining about the meat either to be honest. Go the supermarket and subtract the GST off the lean mince and compare that price to how much the regular mince currently costs you. Consider that the main reason the regular mince is so much cheaper currently is the fact that according to the government it's not as healthy for you. Do you really want that to change?

ferita, Jul 23, 5:33am
Can anyone say racism? ?

davidt4, Jul 23, 5:38am
For once I agree with you.

ferita, Jul 23, 7:27am
It is a shame that this sort of racism exists today.

elliehen, Jul 23, 9:59am
Shameful indeed! Sometimes that particular mouth gets going before the brain engages, but there was a full fifteen minutes time available to delete.

buzzy110, Jul 23, 10:07am
ellihen and ferita - It is hard to be racist against Maori when I have a full blown whakapapa stretching all the way back to the first canoes. I even have a published book with my very own whakapapa reaching all the way down to my grandfather and grandmother. Stop believing I am all bad.

The bill is being presented by the Maori Party so obviously the Maori Party see no harm in stuffing themselves with more bread and 2 minute noodles when there are more important things they could be thinking about like cancer meds and GST on taxes. Notice I said 'The Maori Party' not Maori in general. Most of the Maori Party mps are overweight and diabetic as it is.

One more thing. I bet you two idiots can't trace your own line back so far.

ferita, Jul 23, 5:17pm
Being Maori certainly does not give you an excuse to insult the Maori party when they are trying to introduce a bill that would encourage healthy eating. Cereals and bread are very healthy for people. Just because dont like them doesnt mean they are unhealthy and you should call people idiots.

The US government is very clear in its recommendations
http://www.mypyramid. gov/
Cereals and breads are the biggest food group we should be eating.

bedazzledjewels, Jul 23, 7:30pm
I don't think it's possible to 'insult' a political party is it?
They are all fair game for criticism.
Anyway, this original topic is now old hat as the government has decided not to take gst off 'healthy' food. And please feel free to 'insult' them all as much as you wish!

mwood, Jul 23, 10:22pm
This GST call regarding "healthy" foods has got blurred over the years. The original NON GST was indeed on unprocessed food - but it meant food that had not been altered or cooked, canned etc - in other words it meant that there was not further added goods or services to the product like the difference between fresh beans and canned beans - can't remember the rules for frozen beans tho LOL Somehow people know think the the "unprocessed" references means no GST on "healthy" foods. Of course no GST on any basic food items would be welcome.

buzzy110, Nov 23, 7:01am
Get a life ferita. If it had been the National Party or the Labour Party trying to introduce the bill then I would have put their name where the Maori Party was used.

What sort of fuzzy logic are you employing when I am not allowed to criticise the Maori Party simply because they are called the Maori Party?

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