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the_broker, Jul 20, 11:16am
That's for a family on a good day...

The average person = much less saved. Not enough to change their eating habits. .

If you're wanting to financially assist the poor, it's not the way to do it. It's a tax cut for all with an associated headache in policing and implementing it. You and I get the measely few dollars bonus as much as the poor person. Keep GST the same and bump up WFF by a couple of bucks. Targeted financial relief.

ferita, Jul 21, 4:02am
Because high animal fat containing foods are bad for your health. It cannot be any simpler then that.

socram, Jul 21, 4:30am
Speak for yourself. They aren't bad for my health...

It's down to the quantity consumed. It's as simple as that.

uli, Jul 21, 4:32am
yeah - that is why humanity died out in stone age ...
It cannot be any simpler than that.

hezwez, Jul 21, 5:25am
Uli, when you've finished dismembering the mammoth and wiping the fat off your chops you may want to consider your life expectancy in the stone age.
Oh, and edited to add... it is as simple as that.

uli, Jul 21, 5:37am
I knew that someone would bring the life expectancy up - so you did the honours hezwez LOL :) Good boy!

bedazzledjewels, Jul 21, 5:39am
Well, at least they didn't pay GST back then!

hezwez, Jul 21, 5:40am
Wow! You've given me a sex change too! is there NOTHING low carb can't fix?

thingone, Jul 21, 5:45am
I can make butter in my own kitchen.
If it's made in a factory it's usually not food!
If it needs an ingredient list, it's not food.
If the ingredient has more numbers than words, it's not food.
If it needs printed packaging to tell us what it is, it's not food.
It's a 'foodlike' substance.

Great book to read " In defense of food" by Michael Poulin. (sp? )

amiri1, Jul 21, 5:49am
It's mostly through medical intervention that people live longer than cavemen did.
If we got some cavemen and mixed them with doctors, then took some modern day people and took away the doctors I wonder who would live longer? Hehe, anyone willing to give it a go! ? !

Also, science isn't infallible! They decided to take c-peptide out of insulin thinking it wasn't needed. Now they've discovered it is necessary to help the heart and kidneys, which are the very organs us diabetics are told to look after because they're some of the first to go! Still going to take a few years to get it back in the insulin though.

Anyway I think the gst thing would be very hard to work out to everyone's satisfaction! Everyone's definition of healthy is different! :)

nfh1, Jul 21, 5:54am
I have given this GST question some very serious thought and I feel that as red wine is considered as good for your health it should be zero rated.

uli, Jul 21, 6:04am
There ya go! I thought last time you sided with ferita you were both males ... LOL :)

amiri1, Jul 21, 6:06am
Hehe, when I had a cold (in my younger days) I spent a week in bed sipping on a bottle (or 2) of rum for my sore throat. I felt very good :-) so it must've been healthy, so rum should be exempt too! Lol, bugger I don't drink rum anymore but I'm sure that I could try bourbon out next celebration and see if thats as healthy as rum! And therefore exempt! :)

nfh1, Jul 21, 6:07am
I am sure it must be amiri - there is no staining on the bottle so must be a good clean food!

hezwez, Jul 21, 6:10am
I wish! But unfortunately the latest research shows there had been a bias in the original studies, and that while red wine in moderation isn't harmful, it confers no health benefits. The original study had included non-drinkers who were reformed alcoholics and had already damaged their health with excessive drinking, (and possibly other bad heath choices) hence gave a false indication that moderate red wine drinkers enjoyed better health.

nfh1, Jul 21, 6:52am
nooooooooooooooooooooo it cannot be true!

amiri1, Jul 21, 6:55am
Haha! That leaves bourbon and rum in the running! Wahoo! (Lol, truth is I only have a drink now and then, maybe 3-4 times a year and it's normally wine or beer! ) :)

socram, Jul 21, 8:46am
Whilst why are at it then, why are we paying any GST on cancer treatment (estimated cost of GST content alone about $6, 000... )yet health insurance is NOT GST claimable for the self employed...

That $6, 000GST of no fault costs (non-smoker, normal weight, very light drinker, rep sports player, good diet) is rather more than the GST paid out by the average family on food...

IF I was campaigning for any GST relief, then it would be for those innocent mums struck down with cancer through no fault of their own, having to pay for their own treatment in whole or in part.

With just one shot of an immunity booster for those unable to take antibiotics costing $2, 000 and three shots required, the GST on a 50c cabbage is somewhat irrelevant.

hezwez, Jul 21, 9:06am
I want to shop where you shop socram, to buy some of those 50 cent cabbages.

uli, Jul 21, 9:14am
Any weekend market has those hezwez ...

socram, Jul 21, 9:28am
See, Auckland's North Shore isn't as expensive as most people think!

Couple of weeks ago, cooking for ten people, the total veg bill was less than $20 and I could hardly lift the bags. There was enough left over for at least two days for the two of us too. In fact, the cabbages were 49c each! Fresh too. Meat from the same shop is about half the price of the local New World or Countdown. Pork rump (no fat) was cheaper at $7. 99kg than fatty belly pork at $8. 99kg. A lot of cuts of meat are not popular only because people can't or won't cook. My all time favourite? A proper steamed suet steak and kidney pud... The food nazis would deny me that simple pleasure if they had half a chance by over taxing every single ingredient, except possibly the mushrooms and the onions.

Local fish shop - lemon fish $14. 95kg, Snapper, $29. 95kg. Guess what we buy... Even monk fish - my absolute favourite fish, just $14. 95kg last week, so bought nearly 3 kilos whilst I could and froze most of it.

Ironically, we can afford to spend more on food, but as we both really like home made burgers, spag bol, chilli con carne and cottage pie, we do get through a fair bit of mince, and resent the fact that some people believe it is unhealthy and would raise the tax on it.

hezwez, Jul 21, 9:28am
Not ours, the vegies are cheap but not that cheap.

uli, Jul 21, 9:38am
maybe read socrams post above - and see if you can buy there :)

elliehen, Jul 21, 10:33am
Take GST off books, as some states in the USA do, and there would be a genuine health benefit to the population - cheaper food for the brain!

beaker59, Jul 21, 10:37am
Its a cheap year for cabbages this year for sure 50c to a dollar each most places round here even at the supermarket my wife banned me from buying anymore as she was sick of cabbage. Good cabbages to dense and crisp last year they were 5 dollars each and you only got one meal from each they were small and light.

Proves my main point prices of veg are set by supply and demand so Supermarkets will ignore the GST reduction and charge as much as they can and pocket the extra profit.

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