No GST on Healthy Food bill

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ferita, Jul 20, 2:42am
This will be great. I hope it goes through.

The government will make healthy food exempt from GST.
Section 2(1) is amended by inserting the following definition in its appropriate alphabetical order:

“healthy food means—


fruit and vegetables (including fresh, frozen, canned, and dried):


breads and cereals (including all bread, grains, rice, and pasta):


milk and milk products (including cheese, yoghurt, and plain milk, but excluding ice cream, cream products, condensed, and flavoured milk):


lean meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, nuts, seeds, and legumes”.

whole.html? search=ts_bill_healthy+food_resel&p=1#DLM2917

buzzy110, Jul 20, 2:54am
Well IMO breads and cereals are not healthy foods. This whole subject is just so subjective. Your idea of healthy and my idea of healthy are two different things.

Should bait, for instance, not come under the heading of healthy, as it is used to catch fresh fish which is on the list.

What about a burger? It contains bread, fresh vegetables and lean meat. Should that also be exempt?

How healthy is a sweetened yoghurt? Will that be exempt or included. There are a lot of foods out there masquerading as yoghurt but are really Dairy Food. What happens when the manufacturers start demanding that their unhealthy productbe included in the list as a yoghurt.

How healthy is a canned vegetable that has had sugar, flavour enhancers, sodium and preservative added.

Why should it be dearer to purchase meat with a healthy layer of fat on it? The fat on NZ grass feed animals contains the correct balance of essential amino acids that we just cannot thrive without.

The whole thing is a crock of shite.

cloudberry, Jul 20, 3:15am
Totally agree, Buzzy. Ludicrous legislation. What happened to our right to choose? Hope it crashes and burns.

daleaway, Jul 20, 3:42am
For those who don't know much about the New Zealand Parliamentary system, it's just a balloted Member's Bill with about a snowball's chance of getting through:

Step away from that high horse... .

ferita, Jul 20, 3:56am
Healthy layer of fat LOL yeah right. No animal fat is healthy and that is not just my opinion it is the opinion of the World Health Organization and it also seems to be the opinion of the NZ government.

They have got it right this time. Good on them! !

uli, Jul 20, 3:57am
Have you read this here: pdf

... still keen on lots of grains? ? ?

indigojo, Jul 20, 3:59am
absolute waste of time. Fruit and vege are already cheaper than junk food... .

uli, Jul 20, 3:59am
I am not commenting on the fat part- as this is something that everybody needs to try out - after 50 years of "indoctrination" it might be difficult ...

ferita, Jul 20, 4:00am
I dont read propaganda

indigojo, Jul 20, 4:07am
lol what do you think the 'food pyramid" is? ! ?

ferita, Jul 20, 4:08am
Oh look,
The fringe psuedo science wannabe nutritionists are out again.

wildflower, Jul 20, 4:14am
Something does need to be done though, obesity levels will only continue to rise if Coke costs less than milk.

I think fruit and veg should be GST free or at least the supermarkets should be regulated so they can't up the prices a huge amount from what the growers and producers make.

The latest tax cuts will help those on higher incomes not on lower and those already doing okay can afford healthy food which does tend to cost more. Those on low incomes and already struggling may make poorer food choices, like Coke over milk, fattier cuts of meat etc; and obesity gets worse, as does the demand on our health care systems with heart disease, type 2 diabetes etc. Look around, it's happening now and it's only going to get worse.

accroul, Jul 20, 4:15am
I have a point here for you 'fattymeataholics' - If GST were removed from vegetables, then we'll be able to afford a'little' extra on our fatty meats!

ferita, Jul 20, 4:16am
I couldnt agree more.

uli, Jul 20, 4:17am
Hahaha - nobody on her will have any idea what you are talking about - 11 portions of grains a day seems "normal" to most people - LOL - or if not - then it will be "propaganda" ... .

kay141, Jul 20, 4:27am
That is an extremely nasty comment and a massive generalisation. Just because people do not agree with you, there is no need to be so dismissive.

beaker59, Jul 20, 4:29am
Economically doomed as well, all fruit and Veg prices are set by consumer demand and availability NOT COST so by taking the GST off the price will remain the same and the supermarket conglomerates will pocket the difference. Net effect will be more money sent overseas to thier Australian owners who openly admit they are making a fortune from the Aussie GST anomolies. By that definition as well a Big mack complies so will be GST free. Fortunately this bill will never see the light of day.

beaker59, Jul 20, 4:37am
A factor most people overlook is that good food choices are not economic an unhealthy diet is very very expensive. for the price of a trip to maccas I can buy a boot load of good healthy veges enough for the week. For not much more I can buy excellent quality meat as well. Cut out preprepared foods from your shopping and replace with food to cook from scratch and its even cheaper and far far healthier. People don't eat bad because of the price.

indigojo, Jul 20, 4:41am
of course coke is cheaper than milk - its just water, sugar and a few additives! There is no animals to look after, to milk etc. That is NOT comparing apples with apples imo.
Also coke is JUST a drink (unless you do 'cola chicken' dish). Milk is a drink AND an ingredient - with cereals, base for sauces, in baking, again coke vs milk is not comparing apples with apples.

carbon_trader, Jul 20, 4:41am
ridiculous idea.
That will make ZERO difference to the health of of each NZ citizen , but it will increase the price of foods and the overall tax level you pay generally, due to recovery of tax drag and administration costs.

shazzadude1, Jul 20, 4:45am
I think a removal of GST for "healthy food" would be a complete disaster, with the costs of administering the system and the loopholes created through subjectiveness likely eroding any gain for society. However I would be strongly in support of a GST removal for fresh fruit and vegetables, where I think the complications that result from it would be minor compared to the benefit for society.

buzzy110, Jul 20, 4:46am
Oh look. The name calling again when people mount an informed opposition to your weak and unresearched arguments.

beaker59, Jul 20, 4:50am
I think you'll find Uli was agreeing and laughing along with not at the previous poster. If you keep looking for them you will find negatives Kay but how much fun for you is that, really.

kay141, Jul 20, 4:59am
You might find it funny. I do not. I have no need to look for negatives either.

buzzy110, Jul 20, 5:04am
kay you need to lighten up. Like Beaker said, Uli was being light hearted and pointing out that if you eat 11 portions of grain/starches a day then the food pyramid will not be the propaganda it is to people like me who think that 2 portions of the those foods a week is 1 too many.