Best "Fish n chips" Christchurch

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holdenss, Jun 3, 4:58am
Anyone? ?
Ive tried many but in the end been dissappointed by inconsistency!
White fresh fluffy battered fish?
None of that processed imported stuff alot of them use either.
and not worried about price.

diana96, Jun 3, 5:34am
round the back of the bush inn centre. really good.

fisher, Jun 3, 5:52am
Home made... agria spuds cut up into 1 cm chips and double cooked in a HOT deep fryer. . and fish (blue cod for chch)in a nice crispy light batter also double cooked. . bit of lemon or tartare sauce and a dollop of watties, bit of salad on the side and you have the best you can get. .
You know exactly what your getting...

2halls, Jun 3, 5:56am
Cracroft Fresh and Fried at the Cracroft Shopping Centre on Cashmere Road. Hubby swears by it ... get warehou (crumbed) . . more expensive, but worth every bite :-)

danielvds, Jun 3, 10:35am
I highly recommend the Dallington seafood centre in the block of shops near the corner of Woodham Road and Gloucester st andNew Wah Takeaways on Colombo st a couple of doors up from the Countdown in Beckenham. They both do lovely crumbed varieties of fish . I must check out the one in Cracroft - thanks 2halls for your recommendation :)

holdenss, Jun 4, 3:28am
When you open fisher? hehe
Verynice everyone abit of selection to try, Always on the otherside of town though (Im northside)
Best Ive tried lately was Captain mikes in hanmer, my goddd there Awesome! Almost worth the ride.

littlebracken, Jun 4, 3:36am
We like the Cashmere one, just off the Colombo and Centaurus. roundabout. They sell the fresh fish aswell so you know what you're getting before it gets battered or crumbed (crumbed is best! ) Good gurnard and groper too.

holdenss, Jun 4, 3:40am
Hmm that one down ferryroad (ferry fisheries? ) use to be a goody? Won the best FnC in nz years ago.
. . . . Also battered is BEST! !

pam.delilah, Jun 4, 4:02am
, yes but 11 years ago! !

harrislucinda, Jun 4, 4:50am
cornercuttsrdandyaldlhurstrdand1instanmores rd

holdenss, Jun 4, 4:57am
Yea funny how that signs still out aye, "Ridding that one abit arent we fellas! "

jessie981, Jun 4, 6:00am
what side of town are you living?

holdenss, Jun 4, 6:05am
(North) around Redwood/Richmond/Brighton areas would be ideal.

cherie19, Jun 4, 6:49am
Ferry rd fisheries is quite deear i feel. There food is nice, but have tried the place across the rd from there and there food is quite a bit cheaper. Pineapple fritters are half the price and they sell shoestring chips also, which seem quite popular. Dont go for the one across the roads meatpaties though. Not homemade style at all! !

bohemian4, Jun 4, 7:14am
Always ask for "bang and shake" fish and chips. Problem is that no f/s shop in the NW of Christchurch would have a clue what you are on about. Doing this will make a big difference to the fat content of you f/s. A very poor refection of the industry.

jessie981, Jun 4, 7:58am
Innes road by Mairehau Primary. Bit dearer but fish etc are big and scoopof chip xtra big.

holdenss, Jun 4, 7:10pm
Yes! use to go there years ago and they were great, might have to try them next time.
Cant believe people complain about fishnchip prices? there so cheap! cheapest takeaway around, Poor chippys make bugger all off them.
Id rather pay $3 for a nice piece of fish than $1. 80 for a processed one!
Tried Ferryroad fisheries last night and they were verynice(especially with garlic butter mmm) and there were 18 people waiting proving there still very popular, the poor chippy across the road had noone! "speaks volumes dosnt it".

holdenss, Jun 4, 7:14pm
Yup Ive seen the signs about it, but really isnt that what its all about as it is deepfried fnc? The best stuff is still the ones cooked in fat/dripping not the hydronised Vegetable oils alot market these days.

manthy89, Jun 5, 2:33am
my fave also. havent found better.

frog_rock, Jun 5, 3:12am
Sun Ning in Stanmore Road, make their own spring rolls etc. Cheap too. Another good one is in the block of shops on Main Nth Road, Papanui, cant remember the name but its by Shields Pharmacy and Couplands.
Also if youre out of town, Vinnies at Kaiapoi, and Rangiora Fish Supply Main St Rangiora.

holdenss, Jun 5, 3:26am
That papanui ones alright, nothing to write home about though, Dose Roy still run the fish supply in goon? That place use to be pretty good.

frog_rock, Jun 5, 3:35am
Not sure what the guys name is in Goon, same people tho. I like the ones I mentioned because they make their own chips. You get all those yummy crispy bits then.

aquarianchick, Jun 5, 4:25am
The one on Wairakei Rd near corner of Aorangi Rd... ... . there are two shops close together, it's the one with bright yellow exterior. So so yummy.

donna_jo29, Jun 5, 5:39am
GENUINE HERE;my husband been going ch-ch 25 years, he said. upper end of sigma? ? ? . .colombo street opposite new policestation. pokey chinese shop. my husband been going there 10 years, 1. 70 for a white fluffy fish they are nice fish n chips. i only eat blue cod but i will eat this one. 2fish, 1meat pattie, 1sausage chips$6. deal. we r frm ingll.

tawera_moeke, Jun 5, 5:41am
Yip im voting with the 2nd post diana