Cherry mash bars using cherry chips

cottagerose, Nov 14, 2:33am
I just found a lovely recipe for this but obviously a usa one as it calls for cherry chips.
Does anyone have any idea what I could substitute these with to get the cherry flavour as I doubt you can get cherry chips in NZ

seniorbones, Nov 14, 2:52am
never heard of them but maybe chop up a cherry ripe bar or some of the loose roses chocolates at the supermarket that are they cherry ones?

cottagerose, Nov 14, 3:19am
Me neither but look at the yummy recipe at Its in celebrations

kingmole, Nov 14, 5:13am
maybe check out an international foods shop- you can get all sorts from there.

anyway with regard to the cherry flavour- maybe see if there is a cherry essence at the supermarket. Or try and find soething of similar flavour/intensity such as raspberries.

ardente, Nov 14, 5:35am
you could try substituting with white choc chiops and add some cherry essence / extract

eastie3, Nov 14, 5:39am
I have bought dried cherries at
Moore Wilson in the past.

cottagerose, Nov 14, 9:29pm
We dont have Moore Wilson here but the cherry essence and raspberries sound a good idea

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