Willow tree wood chips for smoking

madelahaye, Oct 3, 3:00am
Hi all .. would anyone know if Willow tree wood chips/sawdust would be suitable for smoking with?

I have searched around google a bit and some say its great! like apple wood ..a milder sweeter taste ..and some say its poisonous? .. Btw its not the weeping willow its the "other" kind like you see at rivers im wondering about..

Thanks : )

beaker59, Oct 3, 3:51am
Havn't tried it but doesn't willow containacetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) so it may be good for headaches ;) otherwise I wouldn't know and would stick to the classics Pohutukawa, Manuka, Kanuka, fruit woods, Oak etc etc afterall its not as if you need allot of wood for smoking.

madelahaye, Oct 3, 10:41am
Thanks for that beaker : ) Didnt know it contained asprin .. I usually use manuka or apple..just been wanting to try the willow..it smells so sweet! ..but im cautious lol..I shall continue investigating

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