Recipe - Chocolate Chips, Berries?

s.r.d20, Jan 10, 6:34am
anything other then muffins?

kabbo, Jan 10, 6:42am
in a biscuit is nice. have made them lots of times with choc chips and berries in. or are they fresh berries???? i was thinking dried berries..sorry.

s.r.d20, Jan 10, 6:53am
Their frozen so might go mushy?

geldof, Jan 10, 7:41am

elliehen, Jan 10, 7:45am
Vanilla icecream, then top with half-thawed berries, then whipped cream, then chocolate chips :)

raewyn64, Jan 10, 6:34pm
eaton mess if you have a pav or meringues

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