Chips in Le Crueset enamel

padthai, Jan 29, 8:13am
Hi there
I have a Le Creuset casserole pot (with lid) and something has been burnt on it and there are a couple of small patches (on the inside) where the coating (enamel?) are now chipping off.
I was given the pot years ago and the givee cannot remember where they purchased it from so a receipt is very unlikely.
Does anyone know if it can be repaired? Any ideas would be great!

jazz46, Jan 29, 8:32am
hi i would buy a new one,

kiwibubbles, Jan 29, 8:57am

dont know if this applies in NZ, but i dont see why not.

kiwibubbles, Jan 29, 8:58am
they have NZ contact details on that website, so worth contacting them and see whether you would be able to get a replacement.

padthai, Jan 31, 1:12am
Thank you! Have sent off an email to NZ supplier...many thanks for your help.

cookessentials, Jan 31, 1:34am
I have been through this scenario with another Trademe member. i gave them the details of the distributor in Auckland and true to form, the distributor would not replace or refund. The chipping of the enamel and burnt areas leads me to believe that it has been on a too high a heat. The enamel cookware should always be heated gently and always with food in it. Never cook on a high heat. low to medium is more than sufficient. I have a Le Creuset myself, but did not go for the enamelled option which makes care that much easier.

hazbeen, Jan 31, 2:02am
My mother chipped the bottom of mine a few years ago with a pair of metal tongs, grrrr, they would not replace it but I have continued to use it and it really has not made any difference to the way the pan works and I probably get a bit of bonus iron in my meals!No more of the emamel has dropped off despite the fact that I have let food cook onto the bottom a couple of times since - I thought that water might get under the enamel and lift more of it.

whitehead., Jan 31, 2:36am
never drop these pots on the floor as they shatter i could not beleave it when my daughter showed me the bits

uli, Jan 31, 4:54am
Any cast iron shatters. Nothing new there :)
Get a good steel fry pan instead. You can use it to bang nails in or bash your husband over the head too if need be - it will not break but rather bend.

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