Deep fried chocolate bars covered with...

the-archer, Jul 9, 1:39am
doughnut dough instead of batter, would this work? anyone have any ideas...

2halls, Jul 9, 1:46am
I'm not sure, but my gut instinct thinks that you would have to cook the doughnut dough for longer ... and therefore the choccy bar might turn to a molten mess inside ? Never have tried either, so somebody else may be able to advise more accurately :-)

the-archer, Jul 9, 2:42am
in the recipes ive seen they chill the bars before they cook them... maybe if it was frozen before cooking, but i like the thought of soft gooey choc in the middle of doughnut. might just have to do some experimenting

margyr, Jul 9, 2:52am
mmm, def freeze the bar first, would be yummy and gooey.

dezzie, Jul 9, 4:03am
we used to make choc explosions at my fish and chip shop, one of the long jam donuts, then when its cooked put one of the long whitakers bars down the middle.
Never tried one, but they were popular.
But yes, all choc bars that were battered were stored in the freezer, I don't see why you couldn't roll one on donut dough.

calista, Jul 9, 10:31am
Wicked! you *bad people* (can I have some? )

deus701, Jul 9, 11:36am
you can try with choux pastry too

uli, Jul 10, 12:50am
Deep fried chocolate bars covered with...
doughnut dough instead of batter ...

Well why stop there?
How about deep fried coca cola, or deep fried oreo biscuits?
Here is how it is done (watch the guy doing it - his size might tell you something! )

And once you have mastered that you can go on deep frying mountain oysters:

Good luck!

nfh1, Jul 10, 1:41am
LOL - do they come with Cholesterol medication? ? ?

uli, Oct 14, 4:48pm
because of the batter?