Kate Morgan's bars...

strange, Feb 15, 5:10am
Just passed an advert of her diet in the chemist shop window. The bars are ridiculous. . do they give you super power to shrink or something? lol 5 bars in a box 30g each and 12 bucks a box! ! they looked like ricebubbles in a rectangle shape dipped in yoghurt or chocolate. Just can't believe people buy these. Why.

winnie15, Feb 15, 11:47pm
because its a weight loss program and it replaces a meal. They are really filling and quite yummy . . but yeh the price is horrendous.

neshka, Feb 16, 4:40am
The bars mostely made up off puffed rice? Maybe she has different bars cos the ones I saw diffinetly don't look like something that would replace a meal. . more like snack bars that would not do anything to fill you up. . speaking of bars. . I just made alexa johnstons autumn bars. . found on the tvnz good morning website. . they are great. . not too thick. . crisp and chewy. . lovely.

winnie15, Feb 16, 8:16am
oh yes i know the ones you mean . . they are puffed rice type things and taste very sweet chemical.
the meal replacement bars at $5. 50 each and taste nice but powdery. .

nfh1, Feb 16, 8:39am
trouble is I would have a replacement meal bar and then have a meal.

nzhel, Feb 16, 11:09am
I found the texture sort of 'gritty' - they weren't the nicest I've tasted thats for sure!

janeygirl, Feb 18, 8:57am
the rice bubble bars are for snacks. ive just met my goal target of 12kg doing KM diet. easy to lose the weight i personally plan not to put it back on. it has taught me good food habits, i know always eat fruit and veg which i never did, i control portion sizes, exercise and i still have 'naughty things' but only as a treat, not everyday.

sparkyc, Feb 18, 9:09am
Make your own.

4 cups Rice bubbles
Nuts, dried fruit, and seeds of your choice
4-8 tbl spoons Protein powder ( stuff used for body sculpting)

2 tsp honey or peanut butter ( Heat in double boiler till syrupy)
2 tsp Golden syrup
butter optional

Mix above in bowl, then place in tray in fridge, cut to bars when set.

Melt some Cooking chocolate, and dip your bars in. Place on baking paper, and tray in fridge to set. makes about 20-24 bars which you can keep in fridge/freezer till you want to use them.

Cost about the same as Kates bars, but you get more for your money.

janeygirl, Feb 18, 9:11am
i have boxes of the km snack bars, but to be honest id just prefer piece of fruit.

cookessentials, Aug 18, 8:07pm
sparky-the whole idea of the Kate Morgan programme is that they are nutritionally complete and low calorie - the ones you have given the recipe for are not so great for weight loss