korbo, Aug 16, 10:20am
well, my *plonk* is beautiful, and as for the plums, well, don;t think I should have them with cereal in the morning. won't get anything done.
Not quite sure, what to do with all the plums now, but the drink is so nice, just gonna have a small sherry glass before bed. hope some of the others who have commented on this thread, can come in with more info.
Do I keep the botlte of plonk in a dark cupboard or where does one store it.
I started mine in March/April.

deboron, Aug 16, 7:23pm
When I make it I prick the fruit all over, place in a big jar and cover with sugar. After about a week all the sugar has dissolved, that is when I add the spirits. Leave for at least 3 months, strain and bottle. Use fruit left over in any cooked fruit recipe either stewed, jam or included in cakes.

cleggyboy, Aug 17, 12:23am
Prunes go well using this method.

squeakygirl, Sep 22, 11:23pm
Rhubarb makes a good brew too.

punkinthefirst, Sep 23, 3:50am
I make plum and other fruit schnapps (in vodka with sugar to sweeten). When you strain off the alcohol, add a little more to the fruit (rum, brandy or sherry is good, too) Cover the fruit tightly and serve to adults with icecream as you wish to. It will keep a while.

freesia, Mar 23, 3:57am
I have spent the last month soaking gin in damson plums. I have just decanted off the gin now and I am left with a kilo of glossy swollen gin soaked plums. Any ideas as to what to do with them?

kenw1, Mar 23, 4:01am

whitehead., Mar 23, 4:16am
plum crumble with custard

kenw1, Mar 23, 4:21am
But the heat of the oven would destroy an alcohol left in them.

Oh and do not drive after desert.

pony_girl, Mar 23, 5:04am
I always leave my plums in the gin for longer than a month (more like 2 or 3 months) and I have also decanted off one lot of Damson Gin and then poured another measure of gin over the leftover plums to get another batch. The plums are nice in your favourite trifle recipe (if you like trifle) or my favourite is to make a boozy plum cheesecake with them.

paora-tm, Mar 23, 5:07am

samanya, Mar 23, 5:09am
Eat them!
They'll last a while.

awoftam, Mar 23, 6:58am
I want some!

paora-tm, Mar 23, 7:15am
Do you add sugar syrup to the plum flavoured gin or the plums? We have prunes soaking in gin - nothing mentioned about adding sugar syrup like you do with most fruit liqueurs.

samanya, Mar 23, 7:23am
So do I . right now . they'd be great to suck on, huh?
In between the gins?

awoftam, Mar 23, 7:32am
I have a heap of Bombay Sapphire gin. What fruit can I put in it and how long do I leave it there?

fefeoc, Mar 23, 7:52am
omg. Eat them - one after the other until you fall over. Stop. Rest. Repeat. All my dreams come true.

whitehead., Mar 23, 8:02am
you could also use them in jelly or make a jam out of them

gettinggrey, Mar 23, 8:07am
Yes, eat them.
We were told that soaking prunes in gin for a couple of weeks then eating a prune or two each morning 'helped' with arthritis pain.
Missus has tried it and she reports that it did help with her knee pains.
I suggested that maybe just drinking the gin would be OK too, but I was grumbled at.
Don't know what the connection is but prunes soaked in gin seems to crop up as a remedy.
I tried a few at each breakfast time too, and they do taste 'quite nice thanks'.
Your plums in gin sound great. Must be good for curing some ailment surely?

freesia, Mar 23, 8:12am
Thanks everyone. For the time being I have poured the now pink gin over the fruit again and am going to leave them all for another month. All interesting ideas. I am tempted to try the gin jam, I would have to say. But I am looking forward to trying a plum gin and soda on the rocks . I haven't added any syrup to them at all , but I suppose I could at some stage. I have no idea what other fruit to add, but I am sure there must be a number.

katalin2, Mar 23, 11:36am
I have made some too this year, first crop from our little tree. I have been doing cherries in brandy for ever, and use the cherries in cream fillings for cakes (stoned) and I would imagine you could do the same with damsons. My mum used to make cream sponges and fill the middle with cream and soaked cherries and cover the cake with choc ganache and decorate with the cherries- it was her much requested signature cake.

arielbooks, Mar 24, 9:28pm
Makes the best plum jam ever but I usually soak for 3 to 4 months before straining of liquor.

pony_girl, Mar 28, 12:04am
I have never heard of prunes in gin, but I do soak prunes in port and I never add any sugar to those ( I always have a jar in the fridge, they are delicious and fabulous in a chocolate cheesecake). I always make Damson gin - with the little sour damson plums and yes they do need sugar. I wash and dry the damsons then poke a few holes in them and fill a large jar with them, add at least one cup of sugar (more if you like it a bit sweeter) and then fill the jar to the top with gin (usually about 1 litre) and then I let it sit for at least 3 months, sometimes longer.

rachelterry, Mar 28, 3:44am
I have made gin plums and left them for months and months - the longer the better- even had some over a year later and the skins weren't so rubbery like when I tried them after a month. Have made plum cakes with them and also just eaten as they are- just delicious. I have also thickened the syrup to have with dessert. I'm wanting to do some more now I've read this post! I ran out last year. Yum!

korbo, Mar 28, 7:10am
woweee. tried a damson drink a year ago,(homemade) and was really hooked on it. NOW I know how to make it.
Could you use Omega plums ? . or what other fruit. what about Peaches?
ponygirl. So it is, gin, plums and sugar. What is the reason for pricking the plums.Then leave it for ? HOW? many months, then do you just strain the liquid off and drink it.?

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