Stewing plums with sugar alternatives

calista, Feb 28, 4:38am
I have been given some lovely plums I want to stew and freeze. What would be the bestnon-sugar sweetner to use to stew them as I'm diabetic? TIA.

raewyn64, Feb 28, 4:41am
I don't bother stewing them in any sweetener. When I freeze them I take them straight off the tree and bag and into freezer. then when I want to use them take out a bag, into a big bowl and into microwave for about 8 minutes and then they are ready to eat if you want them hot. i also bottle them where I just put them in a big pot with a little water, boil then bottle - once again I don't add any sweetener when cooking them. if i want to I will sweeten whatever I am making with the plums.

calista, Feb 28, 4:59am
Thanks Raewyn - that sounds like my kind of cooking/

raewyn64, Feb 28, 5:36am
Calista my husband is early signs of diabetes and so this way with no sweetener works well for him. I haven't found a need to sweeten them at any time., Feb 28, 11:46pm
I don't sweeten them (though I bottle them, not freeze - I only have a teensy bit of freezer as part of the fridge).

We use them without any added sweetener, too. I didn't like them much at first, but after a week of plums with weetbix for breakfast, I prefer them without sweetener.

elliehen, Sep 16, 8:02am
It is comparatively easy to acquire a taste for not needing sugar to sweeten any stewed fruit - even rhubarb. Constantly using a sweetener can sometimes just reinforce your desire for the sugary taste, which can mask the flavour of the fruit.

Sometimes I add a little naturally sweet stewed apple to other fruit - especially at this time of year with cheap apples everywhere.