Preserving Plums - take out stones or leave in?

amazing_grace, Feb 28, 6:42pm
I have several buckets of plums here, do I have to take out all the stones to preserve them? or do I do them whole? I have an Agee Preserver, sono overflow boiling etc, I just coldpack into jars but I need to know whether I have to halve and destone first?

margyr, Feb 28, 6:57pm
does not matter if you leave them in, although they are much easier/nicer to eat when de-pipped. but then i am talking about the old way of preserving dont know about the method you are using.

winnie231, Feb 28, 9:35pm
It's entirely up to you. Both ways are fine.
As a child I used to love bottled plums with the stones left in; as I would count my stones once I finished eating & say the rhyme "tinker, tailor, soilder, sailor, ... " to see who I would marry :)

harrislucinda, Feb 28, 9:39pm
someplumsstonefreelyothershardasthefruitclingsontostone, Feb 28, 11:39pm
I took the stones out of Black Doris plums for several years when bottling them, and it took me a week to get 30-40kg or so done. Last year I did a trial of leaving the stones in for about 5kg (got sick of it, basically), and they tasted just the same as the ones I'd stoned.

This year I did them all whole, it took 2 afternoons, the plums are great, and I saved heaps of work!