Alcoholic plums

duggin, Jan 6, 8:33am
When plum time comes around - freestone plums, black doris are best - wash, cut into halves and remove stones. Fill a glass container of suitable size with fruit. Cover with white spirits - rum, vodka or gin and secure lid.

Wait until fruit goes "wrinkly and shrivelled". Drain liquid, which will have taken the colour of the fruit, and rebottle for later use as a drink mix.

Use fruit after dinner - before dinner, as a late night snack, or as a before dinner "get you going". Never, ever allow teenagers to taste these - they'll eat the lot at one sitting.

Warning:Addictive and guaranteed to raise blood/alcohol levels above the legal driving limit. Donsh dirve ifta consumming - hic!

jocook1, Aug 4, 6:05pm
i am just about to put a few jars of this down. . i have seen that most recipies use sugar. . what is the difference?

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