Non alcoholic punch recipe?

serious6, Nov 10, 7:05pm
Does anyone have a great non alcoholic punch recipe?

duckmoon, Nov 10, 8:43pm
1 litre of grapefruit juice
1 litre of good quality orange juice
1 litre of good quality apple juice
1 litre of cold tea
1 cup of lime cordial (undiluted)

Add slices of orange and mint leaves to your punch bowl.

I am typing from memory, I think I have got all the ingredients. The lime cordial is the key. I used "Rose's" brand - from the supermarket

el_condo_pasa, Nov 10, 9:02pm
OOh sounds good

serious6, Nov 10, 11:58pm
Thanks. When I make up the cold tea, can anyone say how many tea bags in the 1 litre of water? Thanks :-)

voyager4, Nov 11, 12:53am
This one isn't but I adapted it, recipe at the end
Punch actually comes from the Hindi word for 5, which I believe he said is "panch," because a proper punch has 5 ingredients in particular ratios (1 of sour, 2 of sweet, 3 of strong, 4 of weak and nutmeg makes 5, as Maggie said originally). Apparently, punch was first an East India Company drink, so the original recipe was something like:

1 part lime juice and the peels thrown in for better flavor (now just zest)
2 parts demerara (or raw) sugar
3 parts Batavia Arrack rum (from Java and the pesky Dutch, not from the Carribean)** replace with ginger ale for non-alcoholic.
4 parts black tea
grate nutmeg on each serving

Of course, military regiments and clubs had their own versions (explaining Matthew's chant, perhaps), but this was the original, and I thought this was the place to pass it on. I'm ready to try it, but apparently Batavia Arrack rum isn't readily available in the US, though I certainly plan on making the search!

maynard9, Nov 11, 1:33am
Been making this for 25yrs - and did 7 batches for son's wedding in January.

The night before make up 6cups of tea (6cup teapot and 6 teabags of your choice).
When cool pour into big snaplock bag and add a pkt of powdered drink - I usually use Raro Mango and Orange.
Freeze overnight.
Put other drinks in fridge overnight

An hour before you are going to serve, tip the ice block into punch bowl or dispenser. If the neck of dispenser is too small just let it start thawing in the bag then tip in.
Just before serving add
1 litre Schweppes Dry Ginger Ale
1 litre " " Lemonade - don't use Sprite - too sweet
1 litre Pineapple Juice
Thinly sliced orange and lemon - strawberries if available
Good handful of mint leaves

The iceblock melts and keeps it all cold.
Don't add the fizzy too early as it loses its fizz.

I have given out this recipe so many times even my sons as young children were able to recite it at parties when people asked for it.

serious6, Nov 11, 7:49am
Thankyou maynard9, this is fantastic.

duckmoon, Nov 14, 12:27pm

duckmoon, Nov 14, 12:29pm
opps. Missed the ginger ale. 1 litre.

duckmoon, Nov 14, 12:30pm
When I have a big party, I buy a new bucket and use a marker pen and write "bucket for punch, never used for anything else" (just so people know it hasn't been used for cleaning the floors! "

It means that I have a container for making up 9-10 litres. And the pour into jugs for serving (if you dn'on't have punch bowl)

maynard9, Nov 14, 5:16pm
No worries - hope you like it.

pixiegirl, Dec 4, 2:59am
Up it goes in time for xmas

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