Low sugar punch

darkestangel1, Jan 4, 12:47am
can anyone pls supply any other recipes - thanks in advance!

cgvl, Jan 4, 1:27am
I have used unsweetened soda water which is basically sparkling water in punch. Recipe is orange juice ie Keri or Citrus tree, neither contain added sugar or sweeteners. Golden Circle Pineapple juice doesn't either from memory. To that I add, Dry ginger ale (is less sweet than standard and then either soda water or sparkling water I have made using the soda stream machine. Then just add mint leaves, orange and lemon slices and sometimes I add strawberries chopped up. I have had punch made with Grapefruit juice but some people due to meds can't have it, so tend to steer away from that.

cw13, Jan 8, 2:54am
Has anyone used sparkling mineral water instead of lemonade when making a non alcohol punch.

floralsun, Nov 7, 9:59pm
It's lovely with non-sweetened or low-sugar fruit juice - or freshly squeezed orange or tangelo juice - just the juice and sparkling water with some mint or lemon slices.

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