Non-alcoholic pinapple and vanilla drink

brightlights60, Dec 3, 6:51am
Last night I was the sober driver and had a beautiful non alcoholic pineapple and vanilla juice (or three). I have googled but can't find a decent one anywhere. Anyone have a recipe?

brightlights60, Dec 3, 10:16pm
Thanks Valentino. I also emailed the restaurant to ask how its made.

skydancing, Dec 4, 9:43am
I got interested in this and googled Pina colada without the rum and got some amazing results. Even better if you google Virgin Pina Colada i will be making these for sure!

valentino, Dec 4, 7:24pm
Yes skydancing, if you add "Virgin" as you noted and also "in NZ" after Pina Colada, you will get great results more to NZ thoughts, I used Bing.

Thank you, Cheers.

skydancing, Dec 5, 12:45am
Cheers Valentino - I am so glad I came across this thread as it is just what I want for Christmas. I haven't tried Bing!

macandrosie, Nov 26, 5:12pm
I imagine fresh pineapple & coconut milk or cream would be pretty scrummy too! You could refrigerate both the the pineapple & coconut milk first.

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