easy way to skin/peel plums??

msmeets, Feb 23, 3:21am
or just stew the skin on?

245sam, Feb 23, 3:23am
msmeets, cook the plums with the skins on IMO - I'm not aware of any need to skin them and I certainly don't think there would be a real "easy way to skin/peel plums". :-))

msmeets, Feb 23, 3:25am
i am new to bottling fruit and wasnt sure... ... . will the pips will just come away during cooking as well?

245sam, Aug 31, 5:42pm
It's a while since I've bottled plums, nowdays I just freeze them, but when we did bottle plums it depended on the type of plum as to how they were prepared for bottling - small cherry type/sized plums were left whole (stones and skin intact) while larger plums e. g. Omega can easily be halved and the stones removed.

Hope that helps. :-))