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socram, Sep 3, 8:57am
One of my favourite vegetables, particularly as a snack food. Is it just me or is the quality of the stuff on sale around here in supermarkets and even vegetable/fruit shops, sub-standard?

They usually appear to be old, often rubbery and a very poor colour indeed. The taste often doesn't seem to be too good either.

I'm pretty sure that from what we have seen in French and Italian markets, even in the much maligned UK, that what they are flogging around here wouldn't get past the door.

nauru, Sep 3, 9:06am
I buy my veges at our local farmers market, much better quality and value than any SM.

awoftam, Sep 3, 9:07am
Carrots here have been really yum - sweet as a sweet thing too.

letitia, Sep 3, 12:20pm
I usually buy loose carrots but a while ago I bought a bag which was on special and they smelled and tasted musty so I took them back for a refund.

motorbo, Sep 3, 7:07pm
a supermarket is usually the worst place to find quality vege

socram, Sep 3, 9:47pm
Agree, but I do expect better in a fruit/veg shop. Farmer's markets aren't exactly plentiful around here and we wouldn't be travelling far just for a couple of kilos of carrots!

eastie3, Sep 3, 10:52pm
I agree OP, and find the worst offenders are the supermarkets. We have an excellent green grocer here in Miramar,or I go to the Newtown market on Saturday. I also travel a lot for work so will call in to the market gardens on the way home. There is a very good one on the back rd from Levin to Shannon.

strebor1, Sep 4, 12:46am
I never buy any vegies that are bagged. I always insist on picking out my desires from a bin of loose ones. That way I can pick what looks good and highly coloured. That goes for everything from potatoes down to lettuce, carrots, beans etc.

macandrosie, Sep 4, 8:31am
They will be end of seasons carrots.I agree the ones in bags seem moist & don't keep as well as the loose ones. It'll be a while before fresh spring carrots appear.

samanya, Sep 4, 8:52am
I seldom buy carrots, but I have bought a bag recently & I'm 100% convinced that they process them in some sort of bleach solution. They go slimy after a while & not a trace of 'green' or 'dirt' on them.

wendalls, Sep 4, 9:12am
Yep i stopped buying them from one place when the grocer agreed they were washed in something. They were slimy/soapy and not a trace of dirt. Looked like fake carrots. why would consumers buy this shit? Eww. I have a choice of places near me. I should have told him I wouldn't be back if they continued to sell them, instead of just quietly changing shops.

uli, Sep 4, 9:27am
We have excellent carrots here - Countdown, Pak'n'Save and New World are in a tight fight about customers so for the last 3 or 4 months most weeks we get carrots, onions, and potatoes for $1 per kilo :)

Then they go down to $0.85 and then Countdown does a "one day special" on a Wednesday with $0.75 - and all other supermarkets will drop the price too for that day (last time Pak'n'Save dropped to $0.74 for that day!) - so it is quite hilarious.

But because of the HUGE turnover nothing goes rubbery!
And all is open plan - not bagged - so YOU pick and choose!

Come to the Winter-less North and have some bargains :)

samanya, Sep 4, 9:32am
So are you saying price is more important to you, than quality/taste? . really?
Supermarket carrots are pathetic compared to home grown & isn't that what you have been preaching/lecturing us about for years?

socram, Sep 4, 10:05am
Generally, quality and taste will be fine as long as the produce is fresh. Rapid turnover is always what we need. If the top end of the carrots are already black, rather than the trimmed off greenery, not to mention the lack of general colour, then some of these buyers and produce managers need a lesson or two.

I could add that there are several other vegetables that are well below par, but carrots must be a staple in most households - or are sales so slow as they are all eating Maccas and KFC? (At least their food always appears fresh!)

Price in three places today, (two veg shops and a supermarket), $2.99 a kilo (loose, not bagged). All looked terrible. Home grown just isn't an option for many of us. One or two items maybe, but certainly not all veg or fruit.

cxc14, Sep 4, 12:03pm
I have encountered problems with major food chain carrots. I buy organic carrots now. Problems with burning in mouth. Quite happy with other products vege wise.

uli, Sep 5, 5:40am
Don't put words in my mouth samanya!
Where in my post did I say: "price is more important to me, than quality/taste".
Where did I actually say that I BUY those carrots and onions?
If you walk into any supermarket you are in the fruit and vege section and cannot stop to see what is there. here I see lovely plump cheap carrots - which is what I contributed. I have no idea how they taste as mine come from my garden. However they are certainly not rubbery or bendy or shrivelled.

And if you feel that I "have been preaching/lecturing you for years" then i feel doubly sorry for you.

This is a message board - everyone has opinions and everyone posts them from the outrageous to the scientifically proven. From the ridiculous to the very sad.

So just read what is written - not what you want to conjecture out of it please.

samanya, Sep 5, 5:45am
Um, I actually asked a question, rather than 'put words in your mouth' can you not differentiate?
So you see "lovely plump cheap carrots" & yet haven't tasted them? So how can you possibly judge?

sossie1, Sep 5, 5:48am
yay, refugee crisis, millions for a flag, and we can still argue about veg.

samanya, Sep 5, 5:49am
apparently, but this is recipes, huh?
I wonder what veges are good for s****y liver probs?

kay141, Sep 5, 5:52am
My father thought Epsom salts were good for that problem but he never mentioned a vege as a cure.

sossie1, Sep 5, 5:52am
don't ask me, I buy frozen ones. (waits for a good bollocking)

samanya, Sep 5, 5:52am
uli, . see #10 & prove to me that it's not true . if you can . I'd be interested.

kay141, Sep 5, 5:54am
Ooh naughty!

samanya, Sep 5, 6:11am
Shock horror . how bad are you?
Waits for the bollocking!

samanya, Sep 5, 6:19am
Bet your liver's OK!
I'm off now to indulge in what my local Chinese chef has prepared & it will be good.

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