kcak, Jun 1, 11:46pm
Anything nice or different I can do with them for dinner?

margyr, Jun 1, 11:51pm
roast them they get really sweet and caramelly.

margyr, Jun 1, 11:57pm
also grate them, finely chop an onion add some sultanas and mint sauce mix all together, yummy with bbq, or even cold roast meat.

245sam, Jun 2, 12:09am
kcak, have a look at:- php? f=23&t=539

motorbo, Jun 2, 12:33am
oh in the pot with a bit of ginger and brown sugar yumo

motorbo, Jun 2, 12:33am
or mashed up with lotsa butta and black pepper

barloo, Jun 2, 4:05am
chop and boil with swede. Mash wuth butter. mmMmmm This is the only way to have boiled carrots!

holz22, Jun 2, 4:11am
skip dinner and make a carrot cake for dessert?

fisher, Jun 2, 4:54am
Boil them up as you normally do and drain all the water. . Put in some black pepper, 1 tbsp fine chopped fresh parsley and honey and stir over warm stove top to melt honey and coat...
If you have no parsley, grate some ginger into the pot instead... .

samanya, Jun 2, 7:45am
I usually do that, but tonight, I discovered that Iwas out of honey, so I used marmalade instead & it was yummy

kurtis, Jun 2, 7:46am
i know another way u can use them, but not for eating

kabbo, Jun 2, 7:57am

rog.e, Jun 2, 8:16am
I like them grated into a pot with a little water and a bit of butter plus ground pepper and steamed 'til justtender.

Sometimes mix in a little grated parsnip.

Seems like a different vegetable.

lx4000, Jul 1, 1:54am
pmsl ! !