Freezing Carrots

skylarking1, Jan 8, 12:59am
There seem to be two schools of thought re freezing carrots: to blanch or not to blanch. Would you please let me know your preference and why. Also, how long would you keep the unblanched carrots in your freezer compared to the blanched. Thanks in advance.

valentino, Jan 8, 4:19am
Add a third school. and keeping with your username sake, LOL.
Try this . Pickled Carrots, more yummier.


skylarking1, Jan 8, 6:38am
Thanks Valentino, that’s a new one on me!

jan2242, Jan 8, 11:24pm
I roast mine then froze and are perfect. I saw this on 'Eat Well for Less' at christmas and also did potatoes the same - came out perfect. Par boiled first then tossed in oil and roasted.

fiddles3, Jan 9, 3:09am
Why freeze them, they keep in the ground all over Winter1

skylarking1, Nov 6, 11:54am
Thanks for your comments. I want to freeze some in order to free up the space for other crops.

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