Freezing Fresh Snapper Fillets

delate, Jan 3, 12:46am
Does anyone know if you should freeze fillets for a short period of time then freeze in Fresh or Salt water?Thanks

datoofairy, Jan 3, 12:53am
Maybe snapper is different, but I've frozen a lot of blue cod and never frozen it in water.
I just lay the filleted fish out on an oven tray and put it in the freezer until frozen, then take it off the tray and put it into freezer bags. That way it free-flow frozen and I can just take out as much as I want without thawing the whole lot.

delate, Jan 3, 1:21am
Thanks datoofairy, we just find with Snapper frozen that way it dries it out too much. We've heard abt freezing in water but can't find out if it's Salt or Fresh.

dezzie, Jan 3, 2:21am
I've heard about it but not done it myself, apparently you freeze the fillets as datoofairy says, but once they are, get them out and dip them quickly in really cold water, then refreeze, you do it for about 6 "layers" of water, and it supposedly prevents it drying out, I'm not to sure about salt or fresh water,because salt water takes a lot lower temps to freeze than fresh.

rosielee3, Jan 3, 2:32am
when dad catches blue cod - they bag it at sea (4 fillets per bag) and it has a little salt water in it (not on purpose) - it doesnt harm the fish so i would tend to go with salt water ..... BUT i have no experience with Snapper.

kuaka, Jan 3, 8:31am
never heard of freezing it like this - I just put four fillets in a bag and freeze and quickly as possible. When defrosting, then definitely defrost in salt water - either sea water or water with sea salt added, about a tsp to a basin-full of water.If you defrost in salt water, you would never know that the fish has been frozen.

mamaa, Jan 3, 7:46pm
Freeze any fresh fish in Water.Straight out of tap.Fillet and place in plastic container (eg icecream) or whatever.Cover in cold water and freeze.Defrost in fridge.Like it has just come out of the sea, and delicious....

beaker59, Jan 3, 7:59pm
I never freeze fish I just give excess away to the neighbours (never have to mow my own lawns :) ) as I go fishing on average twice a week.

ferita, Jan 3, 8:04pm
The reason people use salt water is that it draws the moisture out of the flesh and keeps the fish firm rather then mushy when it defrosts. It can make it too firm though if you use too much salt.

delate, Jan 3, 8:07pm
Thanks mamaa!Yes, we certainly look after the neighbor and yes we give a lot away but the price of bait and fuel these days is making fishing rather expensive so we would like to keep the odd fillet for ourselves.

kiwifidget, Jan 1, 12:59am
we smoke our excess snapper, it keeps for ages and tastes yummy.