Carrots have slimy texture recently

tigerlilly16, Jul 14, 7:15am
The last few times I have bought carrots from the supermarket, even though I store them as normal in the fridge, when I come to use them they have a very slippery, slimy texture on the outside, the first time it happened I thought they were off and threw them out, but the last few times, they have definitely only been there a couple of days when I go to use them, and do not seem wilted or brown, just slimy. I'm wondering if supermarkets have started spraying carrots with something to make them last longer?

pericles, Jul 14, 7:17am
I concur! !
Went to cook some last nite... ? ?
they felt & looked yuk// biffed them, and i dont normally biff veg, i try andturn them into something

pickles7, Jul 14, 7:25am
Yes, I have found that on the odd occasion. I was wondering if they are importing some. . We try and buy loose, not keen on the bags now. Maybe hydroponic carrots ?

beaker59, Jul 14, 7:25am
I have an aversion to buying them in the bags I get them from the loose display and as you say as soon as you pick them up you can tell by feel what they will be like. As a result I don't have a problem it is a good year for parsnips though so use those. Parsnips were aweful last year stringy and tough.

pericles, Jul 14, 7:27am
i was being lazy re selecting my own.
lesson learnt

pickles7, Jul 14, 7:49am
I will agree on the parsnips... . . beaker... . They have been top class. I have a lot in the freezer for roasting, along with, bags of parsnip and carrot mash in meal size lots. Prices have been great too, carrots under $1. 00 and parsnips under the $2. 00 mark at times.

tigerlilly16, Jul 14, 7:57am
I do select my own, but they didn't seem slimy in the shop (maybe because I am always in a rush to get out of the supermarket lol). I am guessing that condensation in the bag in the fridge is making the slimyness more noticable. I usually go to a fruit and vege shop for veges, but the supermarket is closer, and I sometimes pick up carrots or potatoes there if I'm running short

fisher, Jul 14, 7:57am
I have just come to the end of usable carrots from my garden. . I have been growing baby carrots to use whole in stews and stir fries after par boiling and also large manchester... I have some rows on their way and some more seeds planted over the weekend... This weeks shopping saw me buy carrots for the first time . . since when ? ? . . and altho they felt solid, the ends ruffled when peeling... what's with that. . cut that part off but feel short changed hehehehee...

nfh1, Oct 28, 10:51am
I usually get mine from a little Vege Shop down the road but bought some in a bag from Woolworths last week. The info from he bag said to leave the carrots in the bag and refrigerate - about an hour after putting them in the fridge the bag was full of condensation, which would surely just make them go off.

I took them out of the bag and dried them all!