Is there any point to carrots in lasagne?

tania58, Apr 18, 3:01am
I have this apparently "authentic" recipe for lasagne which I have made before, the secret is the milk added to it and nutmeg/sugar which makes it creamier and it always works well.

But I got to talking to someone who had never come across carrots in this dish and I was wondering what the worth was of having carrots in the meat sauce?

My nephew is a chef and he also puts finely chopped carrots and celery in the meat sauce and I have never asked why... now I wonder why ... is it just for colour?

crails, Apr 18, 4:02am
I always add finely grated carrots to my meat sauce, sweetens it and bulks out the mince

lythande1, Apr 18, 4:10am
No. There is no point.
Ask the nephew. Carrot, onion and celery is a basic mix, stocks, base for all casseroles, sauce etc. Maybe thats why he does? But I wouldn't. Serve them on the side.

duckmoon, Apr 18, 5:24am
I put grated carrot in...
Then my kids are eating a vege without knowing it.

fmgirl, Apr 18, 5:25am
the only reason I add grated carrot to mince dishes is for flavour and added vege

motorbo, Apr 18, 5:45am
flavour! ! ! gosh it wouldnt be as good without it

taruawai, Apr 18, 5:51am
Well it is meant to have the basics (carrots, celery, onion) in it. which gives it more flavour.

cookessentials, Apr 18, 6:08am
have never added carrot to lasagne.

twinsforus, Apr 18, 7:03am
I add grated carrot, zucchini and finely chopped spinach/silverbeet to mine! Adds flavour, bulks it out and gets the vege into the husband and kids! !, Feb 11, 6:52pm
I've never added it either

the only reason I can think of is to bulk out the meat (ie make it cheaper to make)