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kaddiew, Jan 2, 7:05pm
Ottolenghi's Mediterranean Island Feast, 9.40pm Thursdays on Choice.

Not sure if this is a repeat, but it's the first time I've seen it. Last episode it was Corsica - with Sardinia, Mallorca and Crete to come. So good to watch.

The recipes are all here:

davidt4, Jan 2, 7:12pm
The Ottolenghi show has been screened before but I'll probably watch it again as both he and his food are so engaging.

kaddiew, Jan 2, 7:31pm
Thanks for clarifying. I've only seen the ones he's done in the middle east. Yes, he certainly is engaging.

bedazzledjewels, Mar 20, 7:16am
I haven't watched tv for ages so are there any good cooking shows on now, or in the near future?

bedazzledjewels, Apr 1, 5:14am
A new one coming up on Choice. Million Dollar Criitic with Giles Coren. I liked Gikes in that programme with Sue Perkins about food through history.
Choice, Tuesdays at 7.30 starting April 12.
Set in North America he goes on the hunt for hidden gems of restaurants.

kaddiew, Apr 1, 6:26am
Excellent - thank you! April 12 is a Sunday, so is it April 14?

TV2 has MKR "coming soon" but they don't say if it's Australian or NZ.

bedazzledjewels, Apr 1, 6:30am
You're right! It screens on Sundays. Even better.

bedazzledjewels, Apr 1, 6:55am
April 20 - MKR Australia current series starts.

unknowndisorder, Apr 9, 8:16am
you get the day wrong, and I am busy,looking at what is coming up on Prime lol - sheesh, brain farts all round lol

have now booked it, so see how it goes :)

bedazzledjewels, Apr 12, 10:34pm
The Giles Coren show, Million Dollar Critic, starts tonight on Choice.

kaddiew, Apr 13, 12:11am
Thanks for the reminder! : )

bedazzledjewels, Apr 13, 11:12pm
Well, I enjoyed that show. All restaurants very different in every way!

unknowndisorder, Apr 16, 8:30am
6pm Sunday on Prime - Great British Bake off, starting with a Masterclass (thank goodness work colleagues were telling me about a new series of CSI that I had not heard of lol)

kaddiew, Apr 19, 12:35am
Despite my good intentions, I missed it.

kaddiew, Apr 19, 12:38am
Excellent thanks! So is it actually a new series? Prime says it's New Season, but followed by "the calm after the baking storm".

Masterclass: (New Season) It's the calm after the baking storm, and Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry take over the Bake Off tent, tackling treacle tarts, rum babas, crème caramels, raised pies and plaited loaves.

bedazzledjewels, Apr 19, 1:52am
Lovely to have old favourites back again, including MKR!

bedazzledjewels, Apr 19, 9:00pm
Patisserie with Michel Roux Jr starts Thursday April 30 at 7.30pm on

kaddiew, Apr 19, 9:30pm
Great thanks! : )

bedazzledjewels, Apr 19, 9:32pm
The Bake Off masterclasses start tonight on Prime at 6pm and then there's Giles on Choice at 7.30pm. MKR Australia starts tomorrow night on TV2 at 7.30.
Getting busy again!

kaddiew, Apr 23, 10:22pm
Al Brown is to be one of the judges on the upcoming NZ Masterchef. The other 2 yet to be named.

bedazzledjewels, Apr 23, 10:40pm
That'll be a nice change. Thanks for that tidbit. Who else would you like to see judging? Michael van der Elzen would be fun but he probably smiles too much.

kaddiew, Apr 23, 11:01pm
He definitely would be fun, but might not be able to do "stern". Think he'd be good on NZ MKR, in place of either of those previous two wooden judges!

rainrain1, Apr 24, 2:07am
And you're all going to hate NZ Masterchef before it even starts, except me, I'm gona love it

kaddiew, Apr 24, 2:54am
Not necessarily! The addition of Al Brown has already improved it.

murfee, Apr 24, 3:18am
No Way, I'm going to love it like I love all the cooking shows - yep, I will grump and complain but still watch avidly :-0 It's my food porn/escapism :-)

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