Help with cooking cake in FlavorWave oven??

niffer13, May 29, 9:07pm
I have just bought a FlavorWave oven [on TM] & cooked Yummy chicken, chips, sausages & scones so far. Tried a cake look perfect But when I turned out totally raw on the bottom. I turn scones over to finish them off BUT how do I manage a cake with a raw bottom???

niffer13, May 29, 10:38pm
Has any one used the silicone muffin or cake tins in these ovens?

nauru, May 30, 11:30am
I always use metal cake pans in my oven.It is just a ordinary convection oven not a flavourwave. I bake my cakes on the lower rack at a lower setting than normal and find that it bakes OK.

andrew499, May 30, 8:08pm
hi.just wondering if it would help if you used a ring tin instead of one with a solid base?I have a convection oven, and rings tins seem to be recommended for baking.i can't tell you from personal experience unfortunately, as i haven't baked in mine.

niffer13, Jun 3, 5:36am
The oven I'm talking about is the Big Glass Bowl with the heat blowing in from the top.It sits on a bench.

otterhound, Jun 3, 6:00am
I've just fished out the wee cookbook that came with my FlavorWave and it only has one cake recipe in it - Rich and Dark Fudge Cake.Cooking sounds pretty much like in a normal oven, except maybe not for quite as long.This recipe says bake at 175 degrees C for 30 minutes, then let it cool down in the cake tin (still in the oven) for a further 10 minutes before removing.

riwa2, Jun 3, 8:16am
we have baked banana cakes and chocolate cakes in ours - its all in where you place it. we found that placing your mix on the lowest rack is best. plus try pyrex dishes for baking - thats what we use

niffer13, Jun 5, 3:50am
I think I will try a ring tin & also try the lower rack. Do you heat the pyrex dish before putting the mixture in?

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