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buzzy110, Apr 21, 11:17pm
Here is a brief rundown of what exactly a whole food is. I notice that there are a lot of people who are very confused about this issue.

buzzy110, Apr 21, 11:19pm
A whole food is a food that has come directly from the ground to your plate, as in vegetables and fruit, without any intervening processing or alteration to the integrity of the product. Unheated, lacto-fermented vegetables are included in this, but fruits and vegetables preserved in sugar and vinegar and heated are not.

buzzy110, Apr 21, 11:20pm
A wholefood is meat that has come directly from the farm, has passed through the butcher and is presented in your kitchen as a piece of fresh meat, ready for cooking. Smoked and preserved meats have their place but are not as healthy as the fresh meat and therefore should not consititute the bulk of your diet unless you have made it your self and know it is completely artificial preservative free and does not contain mineral salts. Sausages often contain both non-wholefood grains, preservatives and mineral salts so should only have a limited appeal in your diet.

buzzy110, Apr 21, 11:21pm
Wholefood eggs come from the chooks bottom and should reach the kitchen bench with the shell intact.

buzzy110, Apr 21, 11:22pm
Raw milk from whatever source is a wholefood. Pasteurising and homogenising makes them NOT a wholefood. Sadly we can't get them any other way so have to make the best of a bad bargain.

buzzy110, Apr 21, 11:23pm
I do not have a clue where fermented fruit drinks (wine) with sulphites come into this. I am unsure of where to fit brewed beers or distilled liquor into the wholefoods scenario. Personally I treat with caution.

Any homemade beverages and fermented drinks that have a high level of sugar are not wholefoods, even if they are made using fresh fruit or vegetables.

buzzy110, Apr 21, 11:27pm
I have no idea where frozen or tinned vegetables come into this. Suffice to say that if it has been overcooked, coloured, stablised, had a preservative added or flavoured with sugars or artificial falvours, it is not a whole food

buzzy110, Apr 21, 11:29pm
Everything else is just NOT a wholefood. It is a toxin and that includes very slow acting foods like sugar, fructose, artificial sweeteners, modern day bread, white flour, polished rice, heat processed oats, etc. All other manufactured foods that have had the fats content reduced and additives of any description added and anything with the Heart Foundation tick on it that comes in a pre-printed box, plastic wrapper or other packaging is not a wholefood.

buzzy110, Apr 22, 11:14pm
What are the diseases that plague people who have lived a lifetime on the typical white flour, polished rice, refined foods and processd sugar, with quantities of alcohol diet of Westerners?

They are: obesity, diabetes mellitus, cardivascular disease, hypertension and stroke. Also there are various forms of cancer, cavities, peridontal disease, appendicitis, peptic ulcers, diverticulitis, gallstones, hemorrhoids, varicose veins and constipation. It is not listed in my book, but you can now add gluten intolerance and coeliac disease, and lactose allergies to that list as well.

Whew that is quite a list and indeed these are all common ailments and I know of people who suffer from, not one, but several of these afflictions. I myself have one, which I apparently inherited and am working hard to prevent contracting anymore, any time soon.

buzzy110, Apr 22, 11:21pm
So what you might say. Well here is a list of the diseases and ailments that used to afflict less civilised peoples, before they were introduced to western style eating habits and diets.

These diseases and comments were lifted from the records kept by Albert Schweitzer who established a missionary hospital in the interior lowlands of West Africa in 1913, before westernisation influenced dietary patterns and people ate a diet consisting almost entirely of whole foods:

Malaria, sleeping sickness, leprosy, elephantiasis, tropical dysentery and scabies.

All of these disease come from outside agencies such as infections, mosquitoes and inadequate sanitation and hygiene. It was 41 years before heencountered his first case of appendicitis. He wrote that "On my arrival in Gabon, I was astonished to encounter no cases of cancer... I can not, of course, say positively that there was no cancer at all, but like other frontier doctors, I can only say that if any cases existed they must have been quite rare".

buzzy110, Apr 22, 11:28pm
Albert Schwitzer was not the only person to notice the lack of diseases that afflict westerners. A physician called Samuel Hutton treated Eskimos in Labrador from 1902.

Hutton encountered only rare cases of western disease amongst those Eskimos who ate the traditional high meat, low vegetable, no grain diet. He wrote that in the 11 years he was there he didn't see one case of malignant growth among the Eskimo who still lived the traditional diet. He also did not encounter one case of asthma and the only case of appendicitis was in a young Eskimo who lived on a westernised diet.

buzzy110, Apr 22, 11:34pm
So, the question I ask myself is, are we eating ourselves to disease and are we raising children to become sick and ill by continuing to feed them on the Western diet that is high in refined grains, pasteurised milk, at least 37 - 54kg of sugar and low in amino acids (from red meat), conjugated linoleic acid (from saturated animal fats, distorted omega 3 and 6 balanced, 'harmless' additives and highly unnaturally extracted vegetables oils?

buzzy110, Apr 22, 11:41pm
The reason I have started this thread is:
1. To find out how many people care enough about their health to get reading or, to at least, learn how to prepare and cook more wholefoods.
2. To see how many people think that wholefoods are boring, tasteless and hard to cook and not as nice as the packets of stuff they can buy and put through their mickey mouse, so really couldn't give a toss.

pixiegirl, Apr 23, 1:22am
Very interesting reading buzzy - thank you

buzzy110, Apr 23, 5:08am
I have more, but if the interest is non-existent then I won't bother. I'd have thought that all the people who have been diagnosed, or whose children or husbands have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, coeliac disease and cardiovascular illness would be very interested, but apparently not.

I know of people who have not just one ailment but clusters of the western illnesses e. g. haemarrhoids, polyps, varicose veins, gingervitis, large deposits of visceral fat, heart disease, gluten intolerance AND arthritis but would never think to alter their diet by one jot, excepting to increase their grains and cut down on the health giving saturated fat. They prefer, instead to take pills and potions and let their GP's, heart specialists, peridontists and 'rear end' doctors have the responsibility for their health and well being.

Man, who in their right mind would want to have a virtual stranger sticking 'stuff' into their private nether regions on a regular basis? And yet that is what most of the population is signing up for because they like cakes, biscuits and white bread.

pixiegirl, Apr 23, 5:34am
Buzzy I always enjoy your posts. I think there are a lot of people out there who read but may not necessarily post anything. I have noticed a big change in the way people think about food these days - majority of my friends are all on the same wavelength here and are gradually changing their ways of eating.

I can remember when I was a kid - my mother never cooked with numbers or chemicals like what we read on the back of packets these days. We had good home cooked meals, veges and fruit and meat direct off our farm. Takeaways were a luxury maybe once or twice a year. Yes cakes etc were baked with sugar/flour but you either worked it off or played it off. No sitting in front of the TV - I was always all over the farm doing stuff. Than I think what happened was"along came convenience food" and mums thought this is greatI can have a break from cooking all the time. More and more things became available and so it went on and on until we get to this day. People actually forgot or couldn't remember what food was really like - good food that is - real home cooked food or they just became lazy - everything was too convenient. I know I fell into that trap - working long hours, travelling a long distance to work and the last thing I wanted to do was come home and cook! ! I was just too tired (was also time before I found out I have diabetes which didn't help).

However Buzzy I think people are changing, albeit slowly, but believe there is a big swing back to eating good food. I know my eating has changed - still working on a lot of things but making the change my way so it becomes embedded in my life and I can decrease or get rid of the damn tablets and have a life again. Your info you share is certainly an eyeopener - in fact I recommend a lot of people to read your thread food lies etc - especially diabetes. I know that was my real eyeopener and for that I say thank you buzzy! !

kirinesha, Apr 23, 5:39am
Pixiegirl is right, you may not get may comments but you DO get read and you DO change people's lives. Thank you.

vintagekitty, Apr 23, 5:58am
I think this is recipes, not opinions and for people to share just that. Maybe, people are put of with the rude answers you have given in past posts, people do not need to be "typed" down to and your opinion is abrasive, at best. I know exactly what you are trying to say, people are not cabbages here, they choose to feed their families what they have available, what they can afford and how they know. At least they cook, now their methods, ingredients may not be what you may prepare, but so what? . Who are you and indeed Uli, who is cut from the same cloth, feel the need to post your smug remarks to people looking for advice. The simple fact noone has replied speaks for itself. Its boring, lectures are boring. This is the TM msg board, maybe your beliefs dont sit ith the mums and dads that feed their families everynight and look for inspiration.

kirinesha, Apr 23, 6:03am
Vintagekitty, with all respect this is a message board, and people can choose what to read, just as they can choose what to feed their own families.

There's no difference... people dont have to read anything they think is boring, nor try out recipes with ready made ingredients that others don't like or agree with.

But to stop people from posting EITHER because it doesn't suit everybody would be a shame.

maxwell.inc, Apr 23, 6:05am
aww kitty. .

I enjoy education... buzzys, uli's and yes even elliepies words or insights lead me into my own research if it interests me.

If it doesn't interest me then I pass it by... pretty easy to do. . and no harm done.

uli, Apr 23, 6:16am
wow vintage - you have really helped me make up my mind to go to Auckland one day soon and see this woman (buzzy), so I can see for myself who is of what cloth LOL :)

And yeah - maybe just don't read threads started by buzzy if it bores you. TM has made available for you the poster who started the thread so you need not even venture in.

And I am glad you are feeding your family tonight. Have a great dinner.

aphra1, Apr 23, 6:33am
I totally agree with you... and good on you for saying what I'm sure many others are thinking but don't have the "bottle" to express.

hezwez, Apr 23, 6:52am
Well yes, aphra1, but Kitty could have been more succinct by simply noting that buzzy was ~ again ~ simply talking to her navel.

elliehen, Apr 23, 6:55am
vintagekitty is not trying to stop buzzy110 from posting - a Herculean task that would be...

What I believe she is saying to buzzy110 is that buzzy is often abrasive, patronising, hectoring, arrogant, dismissive, rude... and for her not to be surprised if no one (except her best mates) bothers to respond.

If buzzy110 really wants to educate - and she frequently says she does - she is currently lacking the qualities of a good tutor.

Spouting an endless stream of half-digested, frequently unreferenced information and not listening to responses is bound to switch off the attention of the keenest reader.

Because of her style, the substance of her posts will be passed over by the people she's trying to reach. I do think she's in the wrong forum, but in Opinion, she might not be able to ride rough-shod over people so readily.

bedazzledjewels, Apr 23, 6:59am
Thanks Buzzy - I picked up some ideas from your post and I greatly appreciate the time and thought you put into your posts.

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