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agave1, Dec 2, 6:30pm
Hi.Ox heart is so cheap in the supermarket and looks full of iron.Is it okay to cook it up and give to kids!Thanks.

sossie1, Dec 2, 6:35pm
OMG, i was not a fussy eater when a kid, but mum used to feed us heart each week with sage and onion stuffing, and it tasted VILE! I'm not sure about ox-heart, but the texture was weird as well.

And I was a kid who liked liver as well, and brussel sprouts

lilyfield, Dec 2, 6:44pm
sure its OK, why would you think otherwise! My kids never liked the texture of liver and heart, but ate minced made into patties But if you think maet is too expensive- raise them vegetarien.

agave1, Dec 2, 7:57pm
Thanks.I am vegetarian.But it's really really hard to convice a growing boy to go vege.

lcl2, Dec 2, 8:00pm
We lived on a farm and believe me ""nothing""-
; was wasted.We ate liver, kidney, heart, brains (yuk) tounge, sheeps balls, you name it we ate it.Ican remember the bowls of tounge sitting in a mould in the fridge setting and then the next day finding slices of it in my lunch, i ate it then but nowdays stick to liver, kidney and the ""normal""-
types of meat.Mind you itend to eat mostly fish and chicken now LOL

beaker59, Dec 2, 8:43pm
Nothing wrong with heart for kids but they would probably prefer some nice sausages instead. For a growing child they need the good stuff that meat can give them good luck getting enough lentils into a youngster.

terraalba, Dec 2, 9:01pm
I understand sheep heart stew or ox heart stew was often served in the earlier 20th Century. I imagine a good tasty stew with stew size pieces of meat would hardly be identifiable with children. Lean heart meat is supposed to be rich in minerals too. I recall we learned to make it at school cooking classes in the 1960s.

fifie, Dec 2, 9:08pm
texture is a bit different to todays meats, stuffed sheeps hearts with gravy are fine, try this.Wash heart cut off fat and arteries. mix up your stuffing plenty of herb flavour, fill cavity and sew up end to keep stuffing in. Rub all over with oil season with salt/gr pepper brown all sides in a hot frying pan, place heart in the crockpot. De glaze pan with a little water,add some beef stock s/p and thickening to make a gravy OR use a packet mix ,mix well pour over heart lid on and cook. They need long slow cooking to be tender, slice serve with vegs, potatoes and gravy over the top.

poce, Dec 2, 9:47pm
Lambs fry and chips yum. In the old Queens Gate Mall in Lower Hutt there was a lunch place upstairs used to serve this, I would detour for lunch on my way to Wellington.

lythande1, Dec 3, 2:00am
And why wouldn't it be! It's meat. Kids eat meat. Actually kids have been known to eat uncooked insects.

lurtz, Dec 3, 2:22am
This took me back down Memory Lane.My mother used to stuff sheep hearts, and cut off the pointed bit, and call them Mediterranean Olives. We ate them!She also used to call cooked tongue Spanish Boot (don't ask!), and as it looked a bit like a boot, we ate it. Although I no longer eat certain meats, she re-named many things, and the the adventure of eating seemingly exotic stuff, was enough to ensure that we at least gave things a try.

daleaway, Dec 3, 2:43am
Disguise is your friend.

Mince it (or ask the butcher to) and mingle it with some ordinary mince. ( It might make a big quantity so you could freeze some for later.)

Then it can be cooked up into all your usual mince suspects - pasta sauce, burgers, shepherd's pie, rissoles etc - and with the added herbs and flavourings, your kids will not know it is there.

jag5, Dec 3, 4:21am
Nothing wrong with heart.had a casserole a few nights ago.stewing steak, heart, kidney and lambs fry.(popped in at the end so as not to dry out)yummy and so full of flavour.

agave1, Dec 3, 5:56am
Thanks guys!Might try the casserole.Or perhaps slice it up thinly, flour it, and flash-fry it in a pan!

wayne472, Dec 3, 6:49am
Would you eat it agave1! If so its ok for your kids,if not why feed your kids on it!

agave1, Dec 3, 8:30am
No I wouldn't.But I have been a vegetarian for over 20 years, so there's a good explanation for why I don't.

kuaka, Dec 3, 8:49am
Sorry, don't take this the wrong way, but you obviously have good reasons for being vegetarian, so why do you feel you can't raise your children as vegetarians!

vintagekitty, Dec 3, 9:00am
Good luck getting kids to eat it.

I would not because A. I have no idea how to cook it. B It is foul. C. I can afford to feed my children good quality meat rather than offal.
But each to their own.

vintagekitty, Dec 3, 9:02am
Why would you want to!, growing boys need Iron and giving the choice of Vege or Offal is wrong.

agave1, Dec 3, 7:49pm
Hey guys.I'm not trying to be mean to him!I seriously don't know anything about meat or how heart would taste.I was serving heart up to my dogs the other day and it just occurred to me that it looks like a good iron-rich meat for a growing child, at a good price.Obviously, if it tastes like crap and it's got a terrible texture, then I won't feed it to him - I just didn't know this and that's why I asked.

datoofairy, Dec 3, 7:56pm
I would never feed my child heart. Thats just mean.

clemo, Dec 3, 7:57pm
It really does taste like crap. And in my opinion, it can't be disguised! But in saying that. everyone has different tastes. You can only try!

cgvl, Dec 3, 7:58pm
try lambs fry rather than heart also silverbeet and spinach have good amounts of iron in them albeit a different version. All red meat has some degree of iron, just remember not to feed iron rich meat too often as it can overload the body's system.
Try this: fry onions and bacon in pan and put into a casserole dish.
slice lambs fry or get butcher to do it. Dip it in seasoned flour and flash fry it in pan. Add to casserole dish.
Make a gravy with pan juices and a packet of mushroom soup mix, pour over meat and onions. Put casserole into the oven to keep warm 150C, while you cook vegies. (I prefer this with rice or couscous rather than potatoes, I also add a few mushrooms to the dish as well).
Apart from kidney this is the only other offal my mother would dish up to us kids, she couldn't stand any of the others except tripe and if she wouldn't eat then she didn't expect us to either.

keeley4, Dec 3, 8:03pm
I'm vegetarian too and although other family members eat meat I refuse to have offal in the house.I'm really suprised that you would consider giving your kids something so gross.If you want cheap, just buy mince, don't give them heart.As far as I am concerned, offal is only fit for pet food. It makes me ill just thinking about it.

datoofairy, Dec 3, 8:10pm
You can often buy pork mince quite cheaply, and its a great base for lots of dishes kids will eat.You can add all sorts to it and make patties or meat balls. You can add grated apple or pineapple.I often add grated carrot and courgette and finely chopped onion. Miss 11 doesnt even know the veges are in there.Sometimes I make them into meat balls and simmer in seasoned chopped peeled tomatoes and serve on whole grain spaghetti.Pork mince is really versatile and kids love it.Theres lots of cheap ways to get a good balanced diet into your kids without resorting to offal.

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